Green party accused of cronyism

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Gormless has done catastrophic damage to any future “clean politics” movement.

It took the electorate 15 years to start to listen to a political party promising an end to corruption after the let-down of Spring’s Labour Party who did exactly the same - as soon as their arses were in the mercs, all that “openness, transparancy and accountability” stuff went out the window and a tidal wave of appointments and nepotism and croneyism followed.

That’s the real reason so many voters were waiting in the long grass for Labour in 1997, never mind all the Deefer meeja guff which is as usual wrong.

Now Gormless and his “Planet Bertie” speech, followed by croneyism and corruption.

All this does is gives succour to the “ah shure der all de same, better the divil you know” closet FFers, and the craven disgraceful performance of the Greens in Government has put back any chance of actual real political reform in this benighted country by another 15-20 years.

Aw Sidewinder, did you really expect anything different from them?

Since the day they went into coalition with FF they showed that they were just like everyone else. power first, everything else can wait. Before this, one of their greatest assets was ethics and at the time a believable promise of doing things differently This is small beer compared to the rest of their decisions since the last general election but a good indication of what they have become.

As Bertie said himself…

“I appointed these people because they were, eh, um, my friends.”

Ah gimme a break. You don’t lose your ethics down the back of the sofa like your spare change,

These people were always like this !!!

All they did was talk a good game; underneath they were always ready to feather their own nest.

Lets cut the pretence that somehow the nice Greens were somehow corrupted by FF & that things would be different if they weren’t in Government with FF.


The raison d’etre for the greens is to transform the social welfare state into a green corporate welfare state.

This ideal is shared with FF. They have always been natural bedfellows.

Petty greenie corruption such as the state board appointments, or taxpayer funded jaunts for greenie journalists to the Maldives is small beer.

The real game involves many billions of public funds.

+1 indeed. It’s easy enough to have ethics when you’re not in power. But while we’re at it, let’s not pretend that it’s just greens or FF. It’s an inherently Irish thing, and you can be sure FG and Lab will be up to the same craic once they’re in this year.

Again, please read the post. BEFORE they went into coalition they had a reputation of a party that might do things differently. Trevor Seargent was leader and had a good record on corruption. Maybe he wasn’t representative of the party.

He publicised that cheque he recieved from a builder looking for planning permission back in the 1990s when he was a councillor.
He resigned his Dail seat on being elected a TD.

Whatever way you spin it, BEFORE the coalition government there was clear blue water between FF and the Greens.

Since then…

Haha. Hilarious stuff.

Sargent unfortunately did not resign his Dail seat, he resigned the leadership of the party having previously said the Greens would never partner FF and then took a Minister of State job.

You’re not a details man then Steaks? :unamused:

I think that Steaks meant he resigned his Council seat. Anyway, resigning the leadership was pure posturing. Another man without courage to follow his so called convictions. I don’t have much time for a hypocrite.

You mistook sanctimonious horseshit for clear blue water.

If anything, the Greens have contaminated FF. :wink:

If he meant that then wow, I don’t think so, anyway, double jobbing is impossible now. And there are no Green Councillors in Trevor’s part of the world anymore! 8DD

You might call the Leadership thing posturing but it brought about the opportunity to contaminate Fianna Fail as bungaloid put it and that was quite significant.

What I meant by the posturing comment was that it allowed Sargent to go into government with what he considered a clear consciene, i.e., he could convince himself that he didn’t go into government as the leader of the greens but then was happy enough to do it as a TD, semantics from the greens. Like a lot of others, I will be delighted to see them wiped off the poliitical landscape.

No surprises here

After all this is the party that helped lumber the country with NAMA in return for a ban on mink farming

not forgetting that another failed local councillor in Galway was sent off to the Seanad last month …by Gormley

are the not all the same, appointing senators and board members and whatever. Just happens the greens are in now. Once FG/Lab are in won’t it be turn for their own lads to have an oul suck? I’d say the greens are not as experienced at robbing as some of the other boys.