Green REIT / Hibernia REIT (new Irish REITs)


What is par for Green REIT? 1 euro a share? Would it still be poor value at 1.10 a share?


You’ve changed your tune.


Bally boy. This is getting even sillier. You should probably remortgage any properties you have and invest to ensure you get the most from this gilt edged investment opportunity, in fact it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity


Bollox he has. By paying a premium for a reit you are simply handing over anticipated capital gains before they are made. No more bullshit please.



Green REIT Price?
:unamused: :unamused:

can the Mods please disallow this pumping from first time posters?


That’s not a finance guy. That’s a property guy :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone’s not happy.

Fingers on the keyboard waiting to spew the bile…oh wait…they the got the money they were looking for. So, so many innocents parting with their money. Clearly they’re not looking on here for the real advice.

Ah well.


You can see how all those quinlan/avestus/d2/davy/B.D.O. schemes that went wrong got their investors. Snow-job bamboozle, hint at having an inside track, navigate a government property pumping tax shelter, and wait for the rising tide to raise all ships…then claim the responsibility for your fund’s gains. But if the tsunami comes…

I actually don’t mind REITs. I’d like to set something up that only invested in properties that had a plus 10% sitting tenant yield. The market undervalues those I think. A lot of tenants huff and puff but don’t exercise their break options.

I’d say the REITs are all eyeing up the prime assets. What we need is REITs picking up the shitty high yielding assets. The stuff that needs heavy management and TLC to extract value. Of course spoofers don’t like to have to deal with problem assets that need work and insight to add value to. Spoofers prefer cash machine type assets that give a stream of income.


I heard from a broker at a bulge bracket, that Hibernia had demands for north of 700M, but certain investors complained of dilution. There was apparently a concern as to whether or not they could place that kind of money.


ha, ha ha!

If you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you.

I heard the complete opposite - that they had really struggled to hit their target, just as well the stock market was on a tear of late!


BTW: amazing that you were talking to a bulge bracket broker yet you don’t know how to look up basic, widely available financial information!

How stupid do you think pinsters are?



You heard wrong. Period.

I will leave it at that.


:laughing: PR vs reality.


care to clarify which broker you were talking to?

And explain your pretend naivety? A while ago **you **were asking where the Green REIT was trading! and when the Hibernia was launching? What was all that about?

Come on! How transparent you are :blush: . This launch must be going even worse than I heard if idiots are logging on to a relatively obscure website to boost the stock!

I can smell the stink from here. Pump and dump asswipe!


I think the problem is the REIT is so obscure we are the only sad tossers discussing it.


All these new REIT threads need to have their opening posts amended to alert people to the very strong possibility that it is classic a pump-and-dump operation.

IN BIG RED LETTERS if possible.


The saddest part of this - notwithstanding LuckMe1 / Ballyboy / Maverick’s poor attempts to pitch their Hibernia REIT to this thread (who seem to have more investment experience than the poor clients of CSFB or Goodbody) - is that your tax payer money (the state was the biggest investor in this) has gone to fund a property investment company with no property investment experience and that includes individuals (Terrence O’Rourke etc) intimately associated with our banking collapse. Not only that, but more tax payers money will go into ensuring that this REIT stays at a permanent premium to NAV to back up valuations of the 100bn in exposure the state has to real estate.

Instead of having a proper tender to allow people with actual property investing experience pitch for the states money - we get Hibernia REIT. Bertie Ahearn would be proud of this process. It is how we always seem to do things in Ireland. The names chosen by the Hibernia REIT promoters in this thread say it all - lucky cowboys ! Come back Angela - save us. These REITs will become a terrific retirement home for ex. politicians (Noonan etc.) as a thank you from LuckMe1 / Ballyboy / Maverick etc.


How do you know the State was the biggest investor in this REIT?

I have a passing knowledge of this where €350m was raised from institutions prior to listing. Are you suggesting the Government/NAMA/semi state were pre investing in the fund?


you forgot to add a few more names to that list including NPRF, NewEra (plus various sub sections), separate pools in other ‘state-backed’ funds. (hence the ‘lucky’ in LuckyMe1).


He doesn’t. He is ideologically opposed to the idea of REITs (for some unknown reason) and will make stuff up to further his case.

There is no evidence that the State is behind this. Also, I don’t understand this talk of tendering processes. If people want to set up a REIT, then raise the money if you can and list it on the stock exchange. There’s no mystery to it, no law to prevent whoever wants to set up a REIT from doing so as long as the basic rules are met.

I am not connected to any REIT, my interests relate to wealthy non-EU immigrants coming to Ireland, but it seems to me that everything that has happened to date regarding REITs in Ireland has been reasonably positive. Forget about keyboard speculators trying to sound clever, the actual evidence to date is that (a) Green’s share price increased by 20% since July and (b) Hibernia have attracted the level of investment that they sought.

That’s the reality.