Greenan, Avoca Avenue, Blackrock (-300k, -12%)

Hm, latest Google Maps release (very recent images) show them ripping the house apart. Definitely going to cost a fortune to refit the whole house, including all new windows, layout reconfiguration, partial re roofing, etc. Still think they’re salvaging something that isn’t worth saving but it’s their house and their money, and perhaps, for some reason, they are trying to avoid putting their name to a planning application as this route preserves their anonymity.

its weird

i walk past every day, and the people working on it seem like a motley crew rather than what one might expect for a place of that size and cost,

who knows what it will be like when done,

i fear the facade wont be changed

Stalker alert! :stuck_out_tongue:

I also pass this house regularly and am very surprised by the minimal work being done to the front. They have recently put in rather cheap and nasty looking new grey windows but apart from that they have made no changes whatsoever to the façade which is a terrible shade of salmon pick, last fashionable in the early 1980s. The other problem with the house is that it is simply too close to the road. I can’t understand why they didn’t knock it frankly.

my assumption, perhaps incorrectly, is that whatever they are doing to the facade is the last thing they are going to do, there appears to have been a reasonable amount of work going on inside, and those new windows will look a lot better with a more neutral external colour scheme which i assume they will go far as the external paint job is in rag order at this stage.

presuming they will go for something that matches the apartment complex next door a little? but who knows