Greens want Anglo wound up. A day late and a dollar short.

The gimps in the green party realise that they have fucked up.

It’s too late dickheads
we’ve taken on the debts you arseholes

As has been said elsewhere, it looks like the phoney war may be coming to an end…
I suspect the greens are playing for position when the s***storm hits.

Wait’ll they figure out what NAMA involves… they’ll be sorry they didn’t listen to the guy in the banana suit (thumbs up to BrendanG).

I don’t believe it is by choice I would say it is political manoeuvring. They knew Europe were about to reject the Anglo plan and they want to position themselves as the saviours.

That’s exactly what this is.

Listening to Dukes on Newstalk this morning he admitted that the Board of Anglo don’t have any other plans other than the mystical ‘Good Bank’.

So what the fuck have they been doing for the last 2 years ??? :imp:

When do the greens qualify for their ministerial pensions ?

They already have qualified, excepting Cuffe.

they will huff and puff and not blow the house down. Watch them spin and sway and stay

Yep and then some half-baked cabbage will come out with a version of “better on the inside pissing out than on the outside pissing in” :unamused:

Wow - you’d swear that that the GP had the majority in the dail and has been ruling the country with an iron fist, the two Brians quaking in their shoes before Gormo and Ryano

They had their chance to do the right thing for the country - turns out doing the right thing for Gobshite Gormley and Car Crash Ryan was more important.

Go to the country fuckers - and have your “Come to Jesus” moment.

Having their offices redecorrated.

I shit you not.
some of the new head brass had their offices redecorated…

obviously Seanie and the boys offices weren’t plush enough…

Some of the offices must have been more smoke stained than others considering the pressure some of the top brass guys are under :angry:

When the shit hits the fan it tends to leave a large mess.

Who is Anglo’s landlord and why is he/she not NAMAed? Wouldn’t they be an unsecured creditor in the event of a default? … 19456.html