Greystones gone mad??

Is it just me or does this price not make any sense? Ok it’s close to the dart and village but 640 for a 120sqm gaff that could really do with an extension. Sold in 2010 for 385, today asking 640. Can this be justified? … ow/4269185

I’m not sure this is too out of line with the current market. I’m not saying it’s not a lot of money, but as you’ve pointed out it’s within walking distance to the DART and the village (in what can only be described as the most prestigious town in the whole of Co Wicklow).
120m isn’t too small and it boasts 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, large gated drive and large private garden. There’s a lot worse out there for a lot more!!

Meh, there’s some nice spots in Wicklow I’d choose to live in ahead of Greystones. Especially paying that kind of bread.

Would you mind naming them? Genuinely interested, and might even be in the market sometime.

I’m not saying otherwise, but where else in Wicklow would you have the same access to Dublin and so many nice facilities on your doorstep, yet still maintain that village feel? I think the only other place is Bray and there’s no comparison between the two to be honest, everywhere else in Wicklow seems a bit more remote and struggles with provisions such as Public Transport.

I just want to make it clear, I’m not saying that I would pay 640k for this house but it certainly doesn’t seem majorly excessive compared to what else is available,

I guess it’s priced like its in the village, which it nearly is.

Still a bit of money to spend to make it perfect though. I would say 600 would be a fair price based on the other posters thoughts on Greystones

Well it’s a personal choice, but I’d be happier up around Roundwood or between Laragh and Glendalough. Beautiful up there. No good for the Dart line mind you.

Those places are proper Wicklow, but it’s not just the Dart, commute by driving to Dublin would be verging on insanity.

There are plenty of nice commutable bits of north Wicklow, like Enniskerry-Kilmacanogue. If you’re going to be car dependent anyway then being outside a village is no great hardship.

I used to live in Greystones but now live near Roundwood. Believe it or not, its faster to get into Dublin during rush hour than in Greystones. The traffic/tailbacks getting from Greystones to the N11 at 8am is just crazy. Mind you, I dont commute anymore. Much prefer where I live now.

What put you off the world’s most liveable seaside town 2008:)? Surely nothing’s better

8am? I believe the Greystonians used to have to leave by 7.30am. And then it was 7am. Maybe now they just sleep in the office.

This is supposedly one reason why there are few good restaurants in Greystones. Everyone is in bed by 9pm.

I was out there at the weekend to do the cliff walk, started in Greystones. Last time I was there was a bout 10 years ago. I barely recognized the place, it has completely lost it’s sleepy seaside village now, I thought it was very sterile, and for goodness sake people in Greystones, will you pick up your dog litter!! It was rampant, I was starting to think it was a protest by the locals against all the construction in the harbour.

This house doesn’t match my tastes, but I am surprised that folks think that it needs further renovation/extending. I think it looks grand.

As for the dog excrement in Greystones and on the Cliff Walk, have to agree, it’s everywhere, and the dog owners are despicable people.

120sqm for a 4 bed family house is pretty tight

There’s worse there believe me. In hillside across the road I viewed a few places there a concluded that they were small ‘big houses’. Four bedrooms alright but not enough room to swing a cat in the rooms.

Greystones is the best location in Wicklow.

It is beside the sea, has very nice surroundings, has a semi-regular train, and has nice retail.

Important for some, it has almost no social housing.

The traffic at peak hour is a drag, but if you are not a regular commuter it really is a very nice place to live.

Social housing in Kindlestown

That house ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people who have enough money to buy it.
Nice house (though a dormer, not a proper 2 storey), good sized back garden, green in front for the kids when they grow up a bit, short walk from the many cafes on the main street etc etc.

And “no skangers”.
So for the better off who want to be insulated from the lower orders, it’s a good choice. All the neighbours will be “nice”.

Greystones is utter chinos n’ cargoshorts-with-brogues dullsville. Has been for a long time but now with whatever character it had gone (the “beachfront” is a horror show in concrete). Plenty of development going on all round the perimeter of the town and more to come. There’s only so much queuing-for-quiche space outside the Happy Pair.

Sure, it’s safe but the teens will just want out as soon as they can. My early 20’s niece and nephew absolutely hate the place, realising that they missed out on actual life for all those safe years.

There’s virtually nothing of substance in the village - it’s a consumer strip for day trippers more than anything else. Little by way of amenities around. The DART service is shite and buses virtually non-existent. Car commuting: nevermind the N11, you’ve to get out of Greystones first.

Greystones is the residential equivilent of Magnolia paint. Safe, boring and loved by many.

wow - tell us how you really feel.

anyway here’s a cheaper bigger option in the same estate: … ow/4264800

the house in the OP is way overpriced.