Greystones gone mad??

Is there anywhere expensive that isn’t dull? I mean expensive relative to location. I’ve heard the same sorts of criticisms directed at Ranelagh, for instance.

Young single people give life to a place, but if they’re priced out it’s inevitably going to be “chinos and cargo shorts” or whatever.

I guess there’s Bray if you’re looking for relative excitement, i.e. gun crime and drunk people urinating on the street. :smiley:

It’s actually a pretty busy spot - yes there’s a lot of daytrippers and coffeeshops, but there’s generally a bit of a buzz around the village and the harbour (certainly compared to when I was growing up and it was fairly sleepy).

It’s true there isn’t much nightlife if you’re 18-30, but it is right beside the sea and mountains so good for leisure activities. There’s also a Dart and Nitelink into town.

Everyone has their own preferences but there’s a reason it’s the most expensive town to buy in outside of Dublin, people want to live there.

If you’re 18-30, you’re probably a bit of an immature fool and your opinion can be safely discounted. :wink:

(I’ve held this opinion since at least when I was 19 and had gained some familiarity with my peers. I still reckon we should all be grown in tanks and not let loose on the world until we’re about 35. Of course, reactionary senility sets in very soon after that. :laughing: :smiling_imp: )