Griffith Ave extension area, D11


Hi, I’ve been looking around the Griffith Avenue extension area of Glasnevin, D11 - the road itself and the roads behind it towards Ballygall. Some nice older houses there. Any issues I should be aware of…? Safety/suitable for young family etc.

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hi there I know this area for ten years intimately. twenty years ago it was a tough area. now it is mostly older people, whose families return at the weekends. it is on a road by road basis imho. past Griffith road and Jamestown park things get a little rougher, as in there is horses on the green around the corner from Griffith road regularly.

the bad
I have seen one joy riding incident about three years ago where a neighbour smashed into the wall of a neighbours house on Griffith road at full speed (accident) off their heads - everyone knew who it was and everyone stayed in their houses and called the guards. it was 10pm on a Halloween. Another night a gang of women formed outside another house related to some domestic incident, and again the guards came. someone did try and steal my car one night (it was old, had no central locking and was ideal for joy riding), and someone drew on my car as it was parked outside my house (child). couldn’t this happen anywhere?

the good
that said, neighbours were lovely, very helpful. it is generally a very quiet area. schools - glasnevin educate together, finglas schools (primary gael scoil has a good reputation, secondary school not so much). a little shortage of secondary schools in this area that you might like. spoke to someone who sold a house on ballygall, they had three boys and were selling due to secondary schools. excellent GP.

go into the local pubs on that corner.

I think the houses are over priced now, they are solid and well built ex council. most have DIY style extensions and improvements, so make sure and check out boundary and permission issues. gardens are often massive. its generally a local population, there historically hasn’t been many house sales - I think of late is the most I have ever seen.

that said -excellent location for commuting north and south. and the church has young people in it, and the parish priest is really nice.

id rather live in ballygall than ballymun/santry or north strand, or many other areas. tolka is generally good - around that little green is nice


Thanks for all that info, very helpful. On a road by road basis it would be the griffith ave extension road itself, and the ones behind it e.g. glasmeen etc. Are those generally ok settled roads?


if you are talking about that last house on Griffith avenue - then that would be ok. or the one below. those roads I would think are generally good. however its still the same schools area. if you ask me those prices are very high. they may look reasonable compared with marino but the schools are much better in marino. I think that 300k should be enough for these. its not like there isn’t a load of them on the market.

if I was retiring, and wanted somewhere cheap and convenient to live, and didn’t have children, I would have no hesitation at a lower price.

its the secondary schools I would question, but that’s my own judgement on it, I would rather live in a small house near a good school, than in a big house. … 11/3076242 … pertyAlert

for price comparison purposes.


have a look at killester as well.