Grosvenor Court, Clontarf (-600, -25%) … arch+%BB&s[cc_id]=c1&s[street_name]=grosvenor&s[txt]=&s[mnp]=&s[mxp]=&s[bd_no]=&s[pt_id]=&s[move_in_date]=0&s[lease]=&s[furn]=0&s[npt_id]=&s[days_old]=&s[single_beds]=&s[double_beds]=&s[twin_beds]=&s[agreed]=&s[search_type]=rental&s[transport]=&s[advanced]=true&s[price_per_room]=&s[refreshmap]=1&limit=10&id=515472

Someone I know moved out of this place 3 months back when the LL
announced he was upping the rent from 1,600 to 2,400 per month,
presumably due to our thrusting dynamic celtic tiger economy.

3 months later, it’s been refurbished, still sitting on the rental market and
dropped to 1,800.

Can only find a cached link showing it at 2,000 … cd=1&gl=ie