Growing pessimism on construction jobs


Maybe they can go back to the jobs they were doing before joining the fad of the last (half) decade? Oops, all those jobs are gone to other countries :frowning:

Ireland 2007 - discovering the Con into Construction.

I’d have to say that this is a much better option than paying for unneeded houses to be built like the governments economic strategy plans to do.

This is a great opportunity to identify a sector where we can be competitive and train this newly available workforce to take it on.

It takes 4 YEARS to become fully qualified at a trade. Now they want them to train at something else, that would be more than a little upsetting.

A workmate of mine has a friend who works for a large construction firm as a civil engineer. He told him that the current apartment complex that he is working on, what they are doing is making the units weather proof. That is fitting all doors, windows etc. But they are not doing any internal fitting out :open_mouth: . Treat this as pure rumour for the moment as I don’t have specific information as to location, firm etc.
Has anyone else heard any tales firsthand or secondhand from people working in construction?

I was told the same thing about a month ago from a guy who is involved in the industry in Cork ie that they were finishing the structures etc on housing estates but were then leaving empty shells inside. He said that it was down to the stamp duty issue and that once that was sorted out things would get back to “normal”. I didnt attempt to put him right as he will be personally effected by this. The human side of the mess