Guardian - "bankruptcy tourists face tougher tests"

Apologies if this has been posted already. Looks like people might be holidaying more at home this year…

Assuming the Brits take seriously the idea of “main centre of interest”, you really would need to be of pretty high net worth to be able to afford to do it in the UK. If you have a job here it’s hard to know how you’d do it, and if you don’t, you’d need the readies to buy a property in the UK and move yourself and support yourself over there for at least a year + legal fees. Easy enough for the big boys like John Fleming and Shane Filan, but hard to imagine with most smaller fish.

Or you could rent a place, presumably?

If there are enough people looking to go bankrupt in the UK some enterprising person will sort them out: … pital.html

(Don’t know why they think tun Wells and Greenhithe are neighbours, they are 30 miles apart with a fair few towns between them)

Rent is dead money… :-GC

Most gratified to read this:

The transfers can’t be reversed right? They’re bankrupt for 8 years but will still live very comfortably. A bit like our politician friend in Offaly.

not sure if being sarcastic?

Not sarcastic.

Someone pointed out up-thread that you could rent rather than buy, which is of course true. But even allowing for that, of the people I know who need to get out from property debt the idea of upping sticks from their jobs, their kids’ school, their friends, family home etc. in their late 30’s to 40’s and heading to the UK would simply not be a runner.

I meant surely the whole point of bankruptcy is that you don’t have to cash to plonk down and buy a house outright.

That kind of piss taking wouldn’t even work in Ireland (not saying those lads wouldn’t have the cash hidden away, just that it would be foolish to show it)