Guess The Country - QUIZ TIME!


  1. Guess the Country

  2. Guess the month mass injections began.

No cheating! :sandm:

Coronavirus 2020

Thing is if you just nudge the dates on the x axis this kinda could be any of the originally isolated #Zerocovid countries…

I’ll guess Oz :woman_shrugging:


Good guess, but no, not Oz!


Has to be Japan? They really didn’t want to host the Olympics. :joy:


If Japan, April or May was when they ramped up their vaccination programme.


It is not Japan. Here is Japans Chart:




Clue please. Do we think we live here?


It is not India. Here is Indias Chart:




Well done @pill you cheatin’ m… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


1 down 1 more to go

2) Guess the month mass injections began.






Therefore it may come as no surprise there was virtually no Tsunami of dying, even dying much at all in 2020 for Thailand from the Covids. Amazing. I wonder what they did in 2020 that was so different. Maybe they put off dying to flatten the curve and save their health service from collapse. Incredible effort, 2020.

Perhaps they grew bored of being the Zero Covids poster child and now look, lots of terrible things have happened.