Gunne Buyers Guide Dublin 2007-2008

Let Gunne tell you why now is a good time to buy. It goes through each area of Dublin, it’s essentially a cut and paste operation. Fact !

That is comedy gold, they only changed the name and changed one example, the rest of the text is the exact same!

And the example are showing the returns from 2001 to now… of course that was a good investment, but it doesn’t mean you should buy now!

Their advice for FTBs:

Their advice for sellers (on the same page!):

So they’re telling one half of their customers that future price rises are “inevitable”, while telling the other half that price rises are only a “slim possibility”.

Give me strength.

If there was an Irish verson of The Onion (is there???) a story like this would be presented as Satire.

These guys have become a parody of themselves.


They’re having a laugh:

“trading down?, lucky you”
“trading up? there’s never been a better time”
“buying? better buy now!”

“economic principles? just throw them out the window!”

my gawd…if it wasn’t for the patronising undertone it would actually be funny.

There was this but it is sadly gone now.

At least the government got one pledge fulfilled … rdable.htm

I think you neatly summarised the stark contradictions in that piece of PR spin. They must have a low opinion of the intelligence of their prospective customers if they can completely shift their view of the housing market within the space of a paragraph.


This is the most incredible Bear statement ever!!!

Lets see that quoted on News talk!!!

Only the most fervent of doom and gloom monging pinhead Bears would say that…

for this to be true 2006 must have been the peak of the propert Bubble to end all bubbles!!! … thside.pdf

My God. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much shit on one page.

Ah, 20/20 in hindsight vision. Such a rare talent.

Does 10-15% down in a year with 5% CPI count as ‘static, or slightly down’? Let’s come back to that.

Yes they will all magically accept that it is business as usual again. Of course they will. Won’t they?

How long has yer man from Hooke & McDonald’s house been sitting on the market for again? Maybe he should be selling his house with Gunne, wha?

Or total lunacy - as the fundamentals that underpin the property market (wage growth and population growth) have been nowhere near 75% over the same period.

Wheras if they borrowed that E630,000 upfront to buy a house to repay over 35 years @5% they would repay in excess of E1.2 million. What’s your point?

Hmmm. I thought property prices were ‘static or slightly down’. Where has this 10-15% down come out of? I’m shocked. You’re telling me there is a lot of negative equity out there at the moment. Maybe it’s not the best time to buy after all. Better to buy on the way up, than on the way down - eh?

Almost certainly, considering prices have a long way to go down yet. Possibly the only sensible sentence in the entire report.

Come again?

That’s very comforting. Gunne/EBS being the impartial, irreproachable, non vested-interest, pillar of independent thinking, type establishment that they are. In fact, I’m sure that hordes of cashed up foreigners will be pouring into South Dublin when they hear about this to snap up the bargains.

It certainly has, if you count going backwards by 15% nominal or 20% real in one year as “appreciation slowing down”.

I’ve never seen so much contradictory guff in my life. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Effing doom mongers, why don’t they go and peddle their wares erm… elsewhere. :smiley:

Maybe we’re just bitter cynical negative people…

Maybe this actually is perfectly rational…

can anyone help me see the light here?

Look straight up at the ceiling, that thing hanging down up there, that’s the light. :wink:

It’s like the bible, it sounds great if you read a couple of passages out of it, but complete contradictory gobble-di-gook if you read the whole yoke.


What odds that tomorrows papers will be full of this stuff, and by lunch time Daft will be full of sellers quoting Metro to explain why their shoebox is great value.

And not one single journalist anywhere will read it closely enough, or understand it well enough to see that it’s full of contradictions and spin.


Cut and paste is right!!!

Have a look at the navan report …

Like the others I’ve looked at it states

3 things about this

1 is Navan in Dublin or is Navan so bad you’d prefer not to mention it?
2 Who regards it as good? Are they right? Do Gunne say it’s a good place to invest?
3 This survey … of whom was it conducted? Dublin EA’S? Dublin property owners offloading

Seeing as they’re selling feck all houses this weather you think they’d have loads of time to come up with something coherent instead of this rubbish.