Gymnastics Ireland - Vile and Inherently Racist?

In an earlier statement, Gymnastics Ireland said the official in question “accepted fully that what had happened had not been acceptable but stressed that it had not been intentional”.

“The official concerned said that upon realising the mistake they immediately rectified it and ensured that the competitor concerned was presented with her medal before she left the field of play.

“The official also expressed deep regret for what they described as an honest error and requested the opportunity to apologise in person to the competitor and her family. This request was initially declined.

“A written apology provided by the identified individual has since been issued to the competitor and her family.”

It sounds like an apology or admission of a mistake wasn’t enough for the family of the girl. The parents have instead decided to pursue this in the social media sphere.

Yes. It reeks of opportunism. The video in isolation looks terrible. No child should be singled out or humiliated…regardless of colour.


  1. Refusing an apology,
  2. Not putting their names to the complaint (thought this was about principles?) and
  3. Dragging it up 18 months later does not reflect well on this family.

Also in the interest of balance, should we not discuss the racist protests in Blanch in honour of George N, where they chanted white people die or words to that effect. Not to forget Sligo Pamela and the nursing home rapist referenced in another reply as they opted to commit their crimes on white folks who incidentally were very welcoming to them.

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That’s hard to watch. Honestly it does look like the girl was intentionally not given a medal. If she was my daughter I would not be happy with the apology given either. Someone should have stepped in immediately and rectified the situation, but for what ever reason it didn’t happen.

Africa v Ireland

And the article mentionning twitter posts from Africans:

How exactly is ESG going in Africa and the Middle East

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I see the mob have identified the woman who was handing out the medals. They’re contacting her employer in an effort to have her fired from her job.

Shoot first, ask questions later. It doesn’t matter if you wreck the life of a woman based on a poor quality video that could easily have been taken out of context.

Varadkar or someone will be wheeled out next and they’ll compare this girl to Rosa Parks or something. The truth of what actually happened is irrelevant.

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I haven’t even read or seen the video in the link yet but I had a notion cross my mind earlier what with the way the mood is now, that some people online might start digging into this story and the family involved and there might be some more surprises.

It was 2022 why wasn’t everyone masked up and doing their performances via Zoom n’stuff?

I dunno, putting lives at risk :whistle:

I think we need more statements and clarifications.

Literal self flagellation is the desired outcome.

A situation where medal givers are fearfully running around the stadium to put one round the neck of anyone with a bit of a tan would be seen as a good start but nothing is ever or can ever be enough.

It’s a carbon copy check list of what has been done in the US over a longer period, rolled out in acceleration to cripple and ultimately destroy Ireland and Irish society.

A payout is the desired outcome-it’s the Al Sharpton business model of rustling up a mob and descending on an individual or company until they “make a donation.”


The mob didn’t even attack the right person :man_facepalming:

This is actual abuse and intimidation of a person who didn’t do anything wrong. Where are the headlines calling out the injustice? Where’s the introspection that perhaps maybe some people got things very wrong here?

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Perhaps this innocent person can sue the family that started it all, once they have sued GI and received their payout of course

Still hustling

I’m really wondering if this story was deliberately boosted now to distract from Emmanuel Adeniji?


Has to be.

They see the stats and the interest hitting the stories. They know if something is blowing up.

The command goes out to shut out or shut down. It’s easier to blow something else up to drown out the important things.

We’ve seen it all before.

Remember Leo’s lark in the park aka topless with eh lads and a few cans, aka shirtgate, there was an attempt by I forget which user to explain it all away as all the doing of the advert managers hunt for clicks you see, but somehow the British media seemed to understand the value amazingly, utter and complete and utter total bollox like.

Imagine, some people probably believed that, when the very opposite is the reality. Sensation and curiosity generates the most traffic and the highest clicks etc.

The more recent and daming proof was the nightclub video kissgate - where an almost complete iron fist was applied to that story in Irish menace media (only one genuine story popped through the curtain and then got squashed nearly as quick), it blew up and had millions and millions of hits, millions, over 8 million on TikTok (larger than the entire population of Ireland, obviously), the interest was so great random Indian and Pakistani YouTuber where generating junk videos surfing the massive keyword interest (so loads of interest) to make dollar, it was obviously worth their time, but since they did a decent job of it not officially didn’t occur in the public perception live via the daily MSM, that when it did occur after the fact, using the time as a means to cool off the event, and once they got their cheap hack lines in a line, the usual lies, Varadkar was the victim etc. etc.

shirtgate kissgate

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I like the way that they ask for the privacy of their daughter to be respected, but yet have no issue with her being in the BBC video :grin:

The whole story feels very fake. The way if broke and went viral all over the world with a little bit of help from the right channels. This follow up with the BBC. Global exposure to what is essentially a non-story.

The people behind this know exactly what they are doing and none of it happened by accident.


The parents of the gymnast featured in an article enjoying their free new gaff.

Wish there was a puke emoji