Half million smackers for 3 bed 3 bath in Inchicore

Saw this, reduced by 100K to 499K. The place is well looked after but that is just too huge money for Jamestown Rd. Over capitalised I’d say. Sorry for them, looks like owner trying to sell it themselves. If you had that cash you wouldn’t be buying in Inchicore?


Considering the area, that seems insane money for a 3-bed; bubble level, even.


It is beyond me, really it is, am choked up.

Still they are not the only ones in cloud cuckoo, average punter still haven’t a clue. I was told by a part-time investor a 1 bed at 180K and a 2 bed apt in Dublin City for 220K that was great value when people were paying 450K for 1 beds down IFSC way in the boom? Is that great value or am I on cloud cuckoo? Am I missing something? AM I undershooting too much?

I reason factor in anything from 1,4K/annum to 2,4 management fees, with voids as neighbours and developers not paying man fees all of which serves to drive yours up and compromise the sinking fund. Which is why looking at houses in not quite there areas like Inchicore makes sense, but not when they want 499K.

Rant over and a bit off topic.

my offer here would be 194,225 euro, 2 light pigs, 5 heavy pigs, 2 new bmx bikes and a milch cow . . No more no less

Who ever is selling it has nice taste,however this is a work in progress,the sitting room is untouched and its in Inchicore means I wold pay no more than 200k-220k.

The Welcome guests valuations are no longer as mad as they used to seem.

I think you are overpaying for this one TUG !

Those valuations are what I was thinking- thought 200K but no way would they take that, though the TWG’s throw ins r on the generous side. :wink:

Didn’t notice work in progess lounge will check that out too.

What would you suggest Mr Anderson, not that the owners would accept it anyway more pain for all involved.

I an comfortable with my valuation . . . .No more no less . .

Do you actualy have any pigs ?

I hope you’re as comfortable with your new identity as you are with your valuations TUG :wink: .
No more no less…

Good for you, sticks and stones…

194,225 euro … no more, no less :stuck_out_tongue:

Is TUG not The UNwelcome Guest?

I know but the brand has many imitators and the less discerning consumer can be fooled…

Yes I know what you mean . . .No more no less . . .

Property bee suggests that this 100K drop has been used before.

It seems to have had an indecisive Sunday, bounding from 499k in to a heady 620k, removing the excited comment about the price drop. After lunch it tripped and fell all the way back down to 499k, catching its head on the “*** REDUCED TO SELL BY OVER 100K !!! ***” banner and conveniently snagged another bathroom.
It managed to right itself before the main evening news and set a 580k price tag before losing its nerve yet again to drop back to 499k. At least it showed the good sense to avoid the price drop tag line.

Started at 650k in 2009

Maybe it is just that Property Bee likes to mess with me head.

  • darwi

So what are yee, substitutes or complements?

Sounds like a very indecisive seller. There will be no selling there for a while me thinks, till it gets near no scaring people off viewing?

More or less . . . No more no less . . .