Half of ALL Galway Construction Workers Now Laid Off

On the front page of the Tribune ( not online)

4,000 out of 8,000 construction workers in Galway are no longer working in construction full time.

This drop has occured in the period since about September 2006 when there were apparently 8,000 construction workers in the county ( out of 200,000 population) .

There are those who service construction too from Builders Merchants to breakfast roll dispensers to furniture shops but I have no figures there.

I feel the real number was higher at the peak …and still is now …given the scale of ca$h in hand jobs you see in construction in the west .

Furthermore the remaining workers are not pulling in anywhere near the same cash they were in 2006 . I would think aggregate construction sector incomes are down by over 60% from the peak if not 70%

I wonder how many of these will slip under the unemployment statistics, to be classified as “self employed”.

I saw a chart (from another dippy VI in the form of Pat McArdle) that showed the recent noticable rise in self employment and the clear decelration in employed people over the latter part of 2007. I will try to track it down.

Here we go. It is quite striking and only covers up to November. I’ll bet there are a lot of under-employed tradesmen behind those numbers. I can’t believe it is the result of a sudden gush of entrepreneurial spirit.

I have extrapolated the 2002-2006 rise in Empties in Galway for one more year ( to April 2007 that is )

I have assumed that nobody has entered or left Galway since, most especially construction worker transient labour chappies .

I have further assumed that Galwegians only built property to live in it since April 2007 and that that empties peaked in April 2007 . Dangerous of me but hey !!!

I have excluded 'temporarily absent types (as the census calls them) even though that is also silly of me .

Here are the figures for Hard Core empties in Galway .

**Galway City 13.8% of All Homes Empty

Galway County ( outside City) 21% of all homes empty .**

Adding ‘Temporarily Absent’ types on the 2006 census basis …column c in the relevant census table would bring those numbers up to 15%+ and 22+% . Is it any wonder building has slowed dramatically in Galway ??

We mentioned this before. The latest NQHS reclassified the majority of laid off construction workers as both self-employed and as working in agriculture.
These re-classifications are hiding a lot of unemployment and underemployment.

Indeed, a lot of folks when looking for work have all been paid on “pink slips”
through neccessity because work is not consistant enough to employ someone.

Surely a big underestimate at 8k? 25% of all male employment was in construction! If you take circa 50% of population in workforce with circa 55-60% male participation. That would work out at 13 or 14k in construction.

sighhhhh :frowning: