Hamilton St. off Donore Avenue

We are looking at a house on Hamilton St, Dublin 8. We are unsure of the area. It is close to the edge of St. Teresa’s Gardens, and just off Donore Avenue, however Hamilton St. itself looks nice, well kept etc. Does anyone have any advice regarding the area or anyone live in the area? Good or bad is appreciated.


Txirimiri has some excellent posts about this area, including this street I think. If you search some of her posts you’ll get lots of useful information. I lived off SCR for about 5 years in the early 90’s which is not far from there. I found it great for walking into town and for public transport and just being near a whole range of facilities. I moved away because I wanted more greenery and a less built-up feel and managed to get that, but did miss the convenience that living so near town offers.

No. 4 Hamilton Street sale agreed

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