Hanifan attempts to justify bond payment

Or “FF Deputy leader explains the party position on the bank and bond holder bailout”

As transcribed by Broadsheet from Vincent Brown

broadsheet.ie/2011/02/24/mar … t-have-to/

Extremely funny were it not for the serious and long term consequences of their decisions and actions.

Blue Horseshoe

She clearly just didn’t know what the score was with the payment.

why did they pay it?

Why did they pay any of it? Golf anyone?

Because like every other decision FF made, it was the easiest option at the time.

then why did Lendahand try to give the next Gov a hospital pass with the other bond payment; I’m confused as to which one that was.

That was a recap not a bond payment, was it not? Watch the other hand… :angry:

You have amusingly identified the one area in which this cunt does actually possess considerable expertise. Should have been a nun. Like Nora Wall for example.

I live in hopes that enough ‘undecideds’ in her constituency saw this clueless jubbering on VB, to put the the final nail in her coffin. It helped to balance the grossly misleading and sickening attempt by Collins in the irish Times to give her a boost.

The very name Hanafin makes my skin crawl !

I think we’re missing a trick here.

The FF concept seems to be - “Someone foreign presented a bill! We have to pay it - otherwise it will be seen as a sovereign default!”


Let’s get the lad Gurdgiev down to the Department of Finance lickety-split with the mother-of-all-briefcases!

And then… to the airport! Drinks are on “elgreco”!

She should have the leader of FF: she is qualified!

A Woman in charge of FF :open_mouth:

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I do so love a good anti-Catholic witch hunt.

From the transcript

Know how you feel Vinnie

Sorry for being dense, can someone enlighten me as to where this 750 million
will be posted in the Government accounts-does it add 750 million to the 19bn deficit
or is it only the interest on the 750 million borrowed to pay this that will show up.
Or will they try to bury it somewhere?

Fecking hell-we are out of the bond markets for the next few years-why oh why oh why? Are they just alarmingly stupid?

VB missed the obvious here

whats the difference between the government saying they did not have a mandate to go through with the 7BN recap but yet a week beforehand they had a mandate to pay the 750million

Can someone please enlighten me as to how this 750m came to be ‘out of guarantee’? Is this the ‘dated subordinated debt’ that was no longer covered after the last renewal of the guarantee?

I would guess that, given the high profile decision not to recapitalise the banks before the election, this was money already in Anglo and hasn’t just been injected. So we won’t see it on the government accounts yet but, when the recapitalisation happens, it will need to be 750m more than it would have otherwise needed to be.

insane…! Basically FF making sure to look after their friends before they go! With our money! Money we badly need!!