Hannafin says she`ll have a go.

On Today FM now.

Great, we need more teachers to take responsibility for our children’s education; working for less, raising numbers, keeping class sizes down. What do you mean that wasn’t what she meant?

In a party of bare-face liars, Hannafin is the unquestioned liar queen, she’ll win the leadership easily.
Her performance on RTE telly two nights ago left even seasoned FF critics shocked by her deviousness.
Why did you say there was no question about talks taking place with the IMF? she was asked.
Because I’d just come back from America so I didn’t know if talks were going on, she replied.
So why did you say ‘there was no question about talks taking place’, why didn’t you say you didn’t know?
Because I didn’t know, replied Hannafin without batting an eyelid.
She’s a cute hoor alright.

She’s fucking useless. A total lightweight.

But someone has to carry on with the torch of incompetence and the tradition of caring fuck all for anything or anyone except loyalty to FF and equally talentless sleveen,gobshite fellow ff “deppiditys”


This would be woman who railed against the compo culture and whose mother claimed personal injury damage against the state for a fall in Leinster house visiting her daughter?
herald.ie/national-news/hana … 24065.html

I can not back it up with a link to a website. This is inside info. All I can say she is very low in my esteem. I would not even acknowledge het when entering a room

Unfortunately, the libel laws are such that much of what has gone on in the ‘boom’ cannot be revealed in this country.

My program for government will change all that :wink:

Hanafin: all the sleeveen gombeeness of the average Fianna Fail politician, but with the additional benefit of a veneer of utterly dislikable thin-skinned schoolmarmismness. Bring it on!


I don’t know what it is about her that makes my skin crawl, but I possibly despise her more than any other of the FF heavyweights. The patronising bitch.

We all had a rubbish teacher like that at some point?

No… Demot Ahearne is even worse.

On that same night she was on with Brian Dobson quoted above, she assured us we’ll be ‘going back to the bond markets in a few months time’. Which showed her knowledge of the situation to be less than basic.

My predictions for her constituence:

Last year, she topped the polls with Barry Andrews coming in second on foot of her transfers. Eamon Gilmore (then not leader of Labour and then Labour being not particularly popular) came third, followed by Sean Barrett and then Ciaran Cuff (Green) narrowly beat Richard Boyd Barrett (People before profit :open_mouth: ).

Dun Laoighre is an interesting constituency, being the most liberal in the country (one of only 2 or 3 to vote against the immigration referendum 2004) and has an almost textbook mix of ultra fancy places (blackrock, dalkey, killiney), working class places (ballybrack, sallynoggin, DL village) all surrounded by middle class estates of varying hues. It has a lot of floating voters and no particular allegances (other than perhaps to the Andrewsess).


This time round, Gilmore will almost certainly top the polls, perhaps with enough to bring his running mate (probably Oisin Quinn) over the line afterwards. Sean Barrett (FG) too has done well for himself and I would imagine that he can only make gains.

The really interesting thing is that I think Richard Boyd Barrett will get in this year. He just missed it last year, I can only assume he is becoming more popular with “people before profit” and whatnot, he appeals to working, middle and upper class because he is a bit posh (I think he is descended from Cyril Cusac or something) and does a lot of the local issues which middle class floating voters like. Also, the people who did vote Green the last time will probably split between Labour and PBP. Even a few votes could bring him over the line this year.

Thus, I think it could be a dogfight between Hanafin and Andrews (with possibly a second FG punter bringing up the rear). Hanafin could probably still win a seat outright, but Andrews has the legacy issues and is unlikely to step down. Thus, there could be a split vote between the two FF candidates. A good campaign by Labour and FG could see Mary lose her seat. It is also not entirely beyond the realms of possibility (though I doubt it as FG are a bit weak) that FF could lose both their seats here.

I think all the Dublin constituencies will be very interesting to watch in January, but DL could be a real battleground. Therefore, it gets the skeleton “one to watch” seal of approval.

She is his birth mother. He was adopted

If she was to become leader of FF then maybe it could enhance her chances of getting re-elected?

I have a lot of time for Richie Boyd Barrett. National (international) politics wise I am the complete opposite of him. But on local politics I support him. He did a great job with the ‘save our seafront’ in Dun Laoghaire. He is one of the few people I would vote for (if I was allowed to vote). Just to get some honesty into the system. That shows how deep politics in Ireland have sunk, because I would find his ideas re (inter)national politics ludicrous and naive.

Or maybe she could be the first leader of FF not to get elected in living memory (ever?)