Hannafin says she`ll have a go.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde:
to have one bollix of a parent may be regarded as a misfortune;…
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I would say ‘impressive analysis’ but actually it’s a load of tripe for the simple reason that eh, DL is going to be a 4 seater this time around :unamused:


Admit I wasn’t paying attention when West Dublin stole their seat.

But it makes it even more interesting then. Could we have Gilmore A.N. Other Labour, RBB and Sean Barrett? i.e. is it beyond the realms of possibility that FF could go from 2 seats to 0 seats?

hopefully :smiley:

Also, it makes it that much easier for Joe Higgins to get back in (not, given the economic situation and popular turnout for the EP, that he needs it to be easier). Makes it a bit harder to get rid of Lenny though.

I would say he is a cert given the economic circumstances, his local track record and the fact that he seems to have a strong charisma. Female OAPs in particular seem to love him.

he should have a good shot as long as he avoids reading his poetry at people.


it’s XX

He’s done quite well to distance himself from the SWP who, even for a kind of pinko liberal like myself, are a scary, scary party.

Think how good a diplomat he would be:

“Now bondholders, I give you the choice. Either you take a 90% discount on your bonds and continue to lend to us at 3% or [jarring organ chord]…tell me how good my poetry is.”

You find Trotskyist undergraduates frightening?

Yeah, don’t you? Some of the harshest regiemes in the world have fermented from radical student societies. The Taliban started as a student movement.

I know the reality is probably the (can’t remember the name of that sociology lecturer in UCD) woolly jumper style of commies, but on the other hand I would class them along similar lines as the Erigi etc. They are a bit fanatical and give the impression of some serious militant tendencies.

he’s still a socialist worker
people before profit is just a banner.

And they are very cultish

I’m always been on the centre-left; a friend of mine who used to be hard-left in college but no longer would know RBB fairly well and say that he’s a lovely bloke, ignoring the politics. However, I’d have far more time for, say, the Socialist Party than the SWP, the latter being of the type of left too willing to get into bed with “anti-imperialists” no matter what their opinion - for example,

politics.ie/current-affairs/ … yelid.html

Needless to say, I thought the eventual bust-up that happened between the UK’s SWP and George Galloway’s RESPECT party was hilarious.


That’s what I meant. He is still a socialist worker. But he doesn’t come across as such.

Residents against Racism is another benign sounding group that’s a front for the SWP

No I don’t find them frightening.

Kmher Rouge they are not. They’re a bunch of middle class shite-the-beds. Think Rick from the Young Ones.

As mentioned Ritchie still is SWP AFAIK.

Is all this discussion on RBB and his Commie tendencies born out of an avowal that Hanafin is in fact, a Nazi? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about Hanafin…I can see Dermot Ahearne donning toothbrush mustache and uniform though…

I’d have thought given his enthusiasm for Blasphemy legislation, that Dermo would be more at home in a uniform something like these guys :nin