Happy Christmas

Just want to wish all contributors & lurkers a Happy Christmas & a Trumptastic New Year.
May we all live to see 2018.


Happy Christmas to everyone on the 'pin and enjoy the new year.

I’m off to help Santy with some refreshments. 8DD

Twelve and a half degrees on the way back from midnight Mass. You gotta love Global Warmageddon!

HC & a HNY all.

Global warming was always at the heart of Christmas, at least in pagan pre Christian times when Satan was worshipped at this time of year as the god of fire and flames, those with fire survived the cold days of winter, those without perished, so you needed to keep on board with Satan in those days, until people literally started demonising him, the man with horns, red skin and cloven hooves who was known as ‘Old Nick’ roaming the earth seeking trouble and sowing dissent, somehow got a makeover and emerged in a more child friendly form as jolly red old man and reindeer combo, but he could never fully shake off his association with the fires of hell, which is why Santa comes down the chimney instead of coming through the door, and it reminds us to warn our children about accepting gifts from Santa, do you really know where those gifts were made, do you really know what conditions the elves have had to slave through to get them ready in time? Santa and Satan, one and the same, sorry to say.
Happy Christmas!

You scumbags, you maggots, you cheap lousy faggits, happy christmas me arse I pray it’s our last!

Best xmas I ever had was in Cambodia.

Apart from anything else he’s been coming down chimneys for hundreds of years … which makes him a dirty old man!

The pin can’t even have a happy Christmas message without mentioning Trump and global warming 8DD

Well, happy whatever you’re celebrating today. Thanks for all the advice, criticism and amusement during the year.

I hope 2017 will bring terribly dull times.

It’s similar to how “penny chews” don’t cost a penny any more. Midnight Mass is at nine o’clock. I think it’s designed to get people home before the pubs empty out, thereby avoiding the sentimental drunks in the mood for a singsong or who mistake the church for the chipper.

It’s Kwanzaa … the Swahili for “makey uppy oul’ shite”. :smiley:

There is only two certainties in life, death and taxes.

Trump has potential to kill us all in short term, global warming will screw things up in longer term

Now where that wine 8DD

happy xmas to anyone sad enough to be reading the Pin today. Here’s to a non-collapse in 2017

I kind of Missed Christmas but happy New Year to you all I read more than post nowadays its always interesting albeit sometimes the man gets played more often than the ball anyway may the New Year be good to you

I just like to let pinsters know that I spent Christmas on my own again this year. I’ve no family you see. None whatsoever.

Well, anyways it was bloody brillant, I’m a lucky so and so! :smiley:

… and Merry Christmas everyone. BD

Happy holiday

I hope you all had a merry and happy xmas :slight_smile:

Happy hannukemas… wait, isn’t that what Trump wants? Happy new year :slight_smile:

Trump: “Putting the nuke back in Hanukkah”

Happy new year all

Happy New Year Pinsters!

decided to up my usually parsimonious contributions with the gift of some limited edition ascii art

“a constant stream of negativity”
the pinster cycle of emotions[1/20]

Happy new year to everyone.

I’ve been reading for nearly a decade. And contributing for nearly the same time.

It’s become a habit.
One from which I learn and am more aware.

Best wishes for the year ahead. In my case 2016 hasn’t been the best of years.
Here’s hoping that 2017 will bring to everyone the best of things and outcomes in all the cases that matter.
Peace to you all.