Happy New Year! 🎆


HNY! :icon_biggrin: 2020 YAY! :icon_biggrin:


Many happy returns, OW!

I wonder is it possible to profile Property Pin active user numbers and posts over the last decade?

I’m curious because it would be interesting to know if the “usage” of the Pin correlates to the housing cycle - you’d imagine it might: people more active and hungry for insight as the market dips and climbs, than when it’s (relatively) stable like the last two years.

I’m further curious to see would this be able to somewhat predict the start of the next major market shift?
As anxiety about further rising prices from potential buyers, or indeed the fear of a slump, leads to increased Pin usage again? Or draws new users, returning older users?


I guess what I’m querying is:
Is the Pin more of a leading indicator of sentiment than other data, or more of a lagging indicator of response to data as it emerges.
Likely both I suppose… but would be really interesting either way! I think so anyway. :slightly_smiling_face: