Harvey Norman's Irish Retail woes

Can’t say I shed a tear reading that.

Back when we were looking at a new TV, Panasonic were offering a free five year guarentee. Harvey Norman weren’t telling their customer about the offer and were in fact selling 5 year guarentees.

We bought from a small independant shop (Alliance Electric) and got our guarentee for free.

When I went looking for an AV Receiver, Harvery Norman was selling older models for the price that Alliance was selling the newer models.

Harvery Norman were selling an older model Blu-Ray players for more than the newer model of the same machine, and both prices were more expensive than smaller retailers like Alliance.

Again, Speakers, Harvey Norman selling a lower spec set of speakers for roughly the same as the smaller retailers were charging for higher spec.

I visited numerous Harvey Norman shops, a few in Dublin and one in Waterford and it was the same everywhere.

Generally big chain retailers manage to put the smaller retailers out of business by using their purchasing power to drive down price. Or by deliberately undercutting small retailers to a point where they can’t survive. Then they’ll ramp up prices etc when the competition is dead.

At least in Dublin Harvey Norman seems to have skipped the first step and seems to just think it can go straight to higher prices and poorer service/selection.

It would be a shame to see jobs go, but they’re fleecing customers on a daily basis. Granted these are customers who aren’t shopping around, but still.

In case anyone thinks I’m a die-hard anti-chain person, I’m not. I’ve bought a few bits and pieces in HN, but I just wouldn’t buy anything big there.


It’s sad to see competition/jobs going but honestly whatever it takes to get their ads off the air.

This is very common in the retail electronics business since they make an enormous margin on those plans. Even some online retailers like pixmania are in on it. In the US it’s much much worse since consumer rights are so weak and salesmen have less of a problem with aggressively pushing things.

Ive never understood anyone who buys these guarantees.
When I get asked wheather I would like one I always ask ‘well, do you think it will break within 5 years ? because if you do, then Im not buying it and if you don’t think it will break, then I dont need the guarantee’.

Always shuts them up.

Hardly normal…

One of these “buy now, pay 5 years from now” merchants. Good riddance.

Couldn’t agree more - worst ad strategy ever, as the ad made it sound like a bargain shop, but the prices in the actual store were at the other end of the spectrum altogether.

Hardly normal indeed…

fwiw i also think alliance electrical are great

DID have a big sign saying they will beat ANY (underlined!) price from Harvey Norman & somebody else… I forget whom and then they have, “Your Irish Retailer”, as a sub heading… Wrap that flag around yourself and get into DID!!! 8)

HN made a terrible PR blunder a few months back saying they regretted entering the Irish market. That would have gone down very badly to the Irish mentality, which would have been, well feck off then we didn’t ask you to come. Not very bright old Harvey.


Eoghan Harris and Harvey Norman… Peas in a pod…

Thye are a complete rip off. Was in there looking to buy a 22" flat screen for a bed room on thier “make me an offer” weekend. They had a Philips 22" for €369 and the cheapest they would go was €325 even though I wanted to buy two. Picked them up in a small local electrical store for €299

2 tvs? me thinks we should move this to signs of the recovery thread . :angry:

My father was buying the second one!

Only joking Tony. Dont send the boys around. :nin

The bold Gerry will be a “basket case” by the time he gives up after losing a fortune.
Another thing, if they are sooooo good at business you would think they would have done some homework before opening up here wouldnt you?
"Its the breeding isnt it, I mean what else would one expect from a mere colonial, t’would make one want to go out and thrash oneself wot " :angry:

Is anyone else tempted to buy a couch from them on 36 months repayment plan as they probably won’t be around in 36 months?

NAMA will probably chase you for it

I’m actually quite impressed that Harvey Norman are being transparent and upfront about their problems. For every struggling Harvey Norman store there are dozens of Irish equivalents (and we know who they are) that are smiling through gritted teeth and telling us all is well, which is blst frankly. Those are the ones I would be nervous buying from.

The schadenfraude towards Harvey Norman is misplaced IMO and another example of the general antipathy shown towards anything not Irish owned.

EDIT: Harvey Norman employ a lot of people in Ireland and IMO the mods should look at the title of this thread vis-a-vis forum policy. Would it be acceptable to wish a local, Irish supplier go broke? If so I assume the non-glee policy has been revoked.