Has anyone changed Bank?

Just wondering, and perhaps this has been addressed elsewhere, have any pinsters moved their banking business elsewhere in light of what the past 18 months have revealed. Most of our savings are with a non-national bank but we do have a current a/c with one of the big 2…

what have other pinsters done? And what think you of this kind of protest?

No but I have a relative in the bank with whom I bank who manages my account for me, so i have a direct line when it comes to changing anything, which makes it easy to manage.

As for what I think of it as a form of protest, IMO it’s like any protest, unless it is done en-masse and in an obviously coordinated way with a clear message attached, it’s probably pretty futile.
It might make you feel better though 8)

The signed request forms for my management company’s bank accounts are on my desk in front of me and I’ll be opening an account in NIB in the next few days. I’ll then be closing down the AIB accounts.
It could be seen as a protest but the Irish banks are high risk at the moment so it’s only prudent that I move the accounts.

Moved my own personal accounts years ago due to the atrocious service I got from AIB.

It probably would have been an appropriate form of protest for Dave Browne and the IPU as I believe the catalyst for Dave’s initial outrage was PTSB’s mortgage rate hike - although I appreciate it is difficult, especially at the moment, to switch mortgages

I just don’t understand how people can to be so outraged by everything that has gone on yet stay with their bank (and I’m questioning myself in that one there too)

Nowt queer as folk

I shut both business and personal accounts with PTSB following their transfer to Anglo scandal. I was utterly disgusted with that. I have to say that, at branch level, they were a great bank; just their head office was diseased.

I was unhappy about a number of things recently with the management of my account and threatened to close it and they didnt seem to care either way.

There was a time when this was a much more serious as the Bank Manager had to account for the circumstances each time a customer closed their account.

But it seems that sort of retailing banking went out with the 10 per cent deposit and 3 times your salary rule. Any othe war stories out there?

On the subject of protest: Seeing as the government are about to hand the banks €100bn in crisp new euro notes straight from the ECB’s printing press, I doubt pulling my few pennies would make much difference.

(Yes, I know not all the money is being printed, but you get the idea)

Moved savings to Rabo and Northern Rock last September from BoI and local credit union.


Sorry dudes.

I’m locked into a 5% rate with Anglo Irish until next year. As long as the government are willing to subsidize my savings account, I shall remain with them.

Housebuyer…surely you’d get a better return sinking the savings into a 5bed detached in Drumlish…apparently they’re great value at the moment and with the market due to bottom out anytime soon the value can only go up! :wink:

You’re right, money talks…we were sorely tempted by that rate, principles go out the window - stuck with the aaa rated institution in the long run though

HAve moved a lot of my money to Rabo, but still have my day to day current accs with Aib…not a protest as such, just reducing my risks as best I can…

Whatever about protesting, choose a bank account based on:

  1. risk,
  2. rate of return, and
  3. customer service.

Moved most of my cash out of my Irish bank accounts.

With or without NAMA, I suspect that the Irish banks will be largely abandoned by the ECB after the Lisbon neverendum.

As per Trainspotting, “I’ll proceed directly to the intravenous injection of hard drugs please”.

The government have always been perfectly clear that they’re perfectly willing to subsidize the “specuvestors” in their pursuit of profit. I’ve just bought the 12.5% annual bond in expectation that they will continue to take money from taxpayers pockets in order to sustain “confidendence” from the international communinty.

Me and the lady plan to take advantage of UB’s savings rate for money new to Ulster bank by moving all of our savings from AIB in the next 4-6 weeks.

Moved out of Irish banks, still use a clearing account but will probably be moving to Ulster bank. Im going to make enqueries this week regarding the ads that the big two are airing at the moment.
I believe that the taxpayer has to be credited as been part funder and sole underwriter of their activities. “Be with AIB” - thanks to ZANU FF some of my tax money already is.