Has this happened to anyone else???

Bear with me guys, cos this is a long post.

Before Christmas, I began to make a SERIOUS attempt at putting my name on the Affordable Housing list in South Dublin County Council.

I gathered all the bits n pieces that were listed on the form(P60, P21, Birth Cert), and proceeded to complete the application form, and got the Revenue and my Employer to complete their sections.

While I have been gathering the various bits of paperwork, I have been in regular contact with the Property Path section of S.D.C.C.

Towards the end of January, I again spoke to a woman in the Property Path section and went through all the various bits n pieces that I need.

I told her that at this time, I hadn’t got my P60 for 2006, but I had the one for 2005. She told me that this would be okay to submit with the application.

I then went off and got other bits n pieces that I needed.

Today(Feb 5th), I rang up the Council to double check again that I had the correct paperwork.

She told me that the P60/P21 for 2005 is not sufficient!!!?? :confused:

Has anyone else who uses this forum come across this while they were putting their name(s) on the housing list??

I thought I’d have my name on the list by now… :frowning: ??

…I’ve now been told that I need my SSIA info too…??? The council seem to tell you what you need in bits n pieces. They drip feed the information to ya???

I thought that putting my name on the list would be the EASY part!? :unamused:

Good luck in getting a place thru the scheme. By the time you get offered a place it may be better to buy a cut price apartment from a private developer if market has crashed by then(which i think it will have).

I think I’ll park meself on Millenium Bridge and BEG!!! I’d probably get sorted quicker if I registered as homeless???

I also put my name on the SDCC list way back in early 2000. I was told that there was virtually no chance of me getting a place, as they put ‘single’ mothers, nackers, refugees, (i.e. basically anyone who thinks the country owes them something for nothing), at the top of the affordable housing lists. So much for going to college and paying taxes…

The problem stems back to the 1960’s where, after 800 years of British rule, the government enacted legislation which handed the country lock, stock, and barrel to unelected and unaccountable beurcreats, that operate with complete impunity.

Regarding your particular problem, it’s just a case of the Excuses Department of the SDCC coming out with something to fob you off. Real reasons are discussed in meetings which are not open to public scrutiny (see last paragraph). After all, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference in reality whether you gave in your 2005 or 2006 P60, unless your earnings suddenly rocketed over the course of a year…!

Well, I say f**k em. My COMPLETED application form is going in the post tomorrow, and if they say anything else to try and fob me off, I’ll do me nut!! They shouldn’t ask me for any more paperwork, cos I’ve put everything in that they’ve asked of me…?

If I get any more smart arses(in the Councils)giving me “excuses”, I’ll go to my TD!!!

In all fairness to the Council, each of us are, in everyday life, confronted with myriad bureaucracy and whilst frustrating, a request for a 2006 P60 is the tip of the iceberg.

I’d say save the venom and the siege mentality for when you really need it alot further down the line.

But that’s just my two cents.

I’ve got my P60 for 2006, WHICH I’ve included, so everything SHOULD be okay… :question: We’ll see…?

i got my P60 this week.

it says i earnt ***** euro.

I cannot for the life figure out where it went. have i been robbed?

Jeysus, living in Ireland is EXPENSIVE eh…