Hassett Construction going into liquidation

Report in The Sunday Times that Hassett Construction which knocked 1 million euros off the price of its luxury housing developments in upmarket Foxrock Co. Dublin is going into liquidation after running out of cash to pay its creditors.
Among its developments is Hainault, a scheme of four multi-million-euro detached houses in Foxrock that are currently for sale at slashed prices.
Launched in April, their initial price tags ranged from 3.5m euro for a 4 bed house to 4.2m euro for a six bed.
The prices of both the cheapest and most expensive houses have been cut by 1m euro.

We’ll have to watch what the developments sell for. That could give a very good indication of where we are at.

4 mil shortfall. 4 houses. Pretty simple maths :wink:

Not so simple, it seems that the company that has gone into liquidation was building the houses and apartments on behalf of other limited companies owned or part owned by Hassett.

It was just a joke…

:laughing: Seems like it’s Eamonn who will have the last laugh at the expense of the subbies. I wonder is he and his upset partner are back from holiday yet?

Very Very Upset Partner I believe , X5 went back monday and was replaced by an 07 Qashqai complete with MONSTER pair of shades on the dash 8)

I’m sure these guys are not too pleased either…

I wonder was it our favourite X5 driver?
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