Have prices risen in South Dublin?

Do you believe prices have risen in South Dublin in the past 12 months?

  • Yes, rises are widespread
  • The general trend is down, with rises in tiny pockets
  • No. Prices haven’t risen at all

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Just to clarify whether people first of all believe that selling prices have risen in parts of south Dublin. This is not about long-term trends, sustainability of trends in either direction, reliability of EA’s, or motives of other posters.

Apologies to the northside, and the rest of the country. I know the world doesn’t end at the Liffey or M50, but the debate on this particular topic usually centres around “SCD”.

Edited to emphasise - it’s selling prices that we are discussing, not asking.

Can we have a “The general trend is down, with prices holding in tiny pockets”?

Actually maybe youve that covered by prices arent rising.

I’m not convinced they’ve risen… more that they’ve stopped falling where most other places still are. Of course I may just be telling myself that.

I think while prices are not falling in large swaths of SCD, I don’t think they are rising either aka Japan.

You mean asking prices obviously, as we have no real data on actual sales prices unless people are prepared to come on here and tell us what they paid for houses in the past 3 months.

It’s so hard to say without knowing sale prices. I suspect in some tiny pockets they may have, in that while asking prices may remain the same the stuff is shifting faster so you can assume they are getting close to or in excess of asking. I wouldn’t feel as confident offering the standard 20% below asking as I would have done before.

They have risen. Anyone viewing in the area over the past 18 months will notice rising levels.

I’d say houses in reasonable condition have stopped falling in many areas in SCD.

Also, I’ve a feeling they are going closer to Asking price than before

Small anecdote. Good friend of ours is selling a bungalow in Blackrock. Met 3 agents for quotes and suggested they go with sales prices ranging from Eur325k - Eur375k. They went with the agent recommending the highest price. Agent said realistically they should accept any offer of Eur350k.

Within a week they have had 3 offers with financing confirmed of Eur400k. One other party has told the agent to inform him of the highest bid when the offers are completed as he intends to better the highest bid.

Could be the same place I saw for a second time over the weekend, Zapp.

Not the exact asking as per your post, but similar. It’s a bungalow in Blackrock that has a current bid of 415 on it, which I don’t think is the end of it.

Yeah its happening for good quality stock Zappy. I have seen it myself. The big question is will these levels be sustained in the coming months. I think they will and we are in recovery mode but i do not see continuous price rises above inflation.

No I mean selling prices. We can kind of get data on asking prices. But when it comes to selling it’s a matter of opinion/faith/speculation.

About half the threads on the Pin will be redundant from the moment the price database comes out. All this guess-work will be out the window. What a deliverance that’ll be.

Agreed Larry.

I think prices have gone up, some of the prices being achieved are nuts and I think higher than they would have been last year. Wyckham park for more than 500k, Landscape Gardens for 450k. These are prices that would not have been seen last year, IMO.

I still don’t think it’s sustainable. I certainly hope it’s not.

What I was interested in establishing is the mood of the Pin, how many people still dispute or disagree with the anecdotal evidence of rises. From what I can see it’s happening across large-ish parts of D14, D16, D6. Others report similar rises in SCD ‘proper’.

Conor - just checked MyHome and the asking price I quoted was a little off so you could be right that it’s the same one! The offer/ask spread is the same as my post so hopefully my anecdote still some validity.
Better say no more on it lest I prejudice the proceedings :slight_smile:

I’d say that the prices in SCD are mostly static BUT the houses are beginning to sell AT or NEAR their asking price.

where are the D6 rises you are seeing?

I think the one on 27 Beechwood Ave that went on asking 495 and ended up at over 600 (I heard 650k on here…)

Even the EA was talking about a price of 550 on that one and was surprised at the heights it reached. It was nice, but it was a busy narrow road, no off-street parking and a small garden backing on to the Luas tracks. I’ve nothing to compare it to directly, but I think it was a stronger price than would have been expected from a year previous.

Do you think we’ll remain in recovery mode once some austerity starts?

Once some Austerity starts ? Where have you been Madness ? We have already undertaken a huge proportion of austerity to get back to 8% GDP.