Have the builders learnt nothing

I’m just after having an awful experience with a builder who refused to see the issues that I had with the lack of adherence to building regulations.

House is old but was flattened and rebuilt - some parts are considered existing, some new from a planning point of view even thought all of it was built new. The new parts didn’t adhered to the new regs and the old parts weren’t built back to how they were before so can’t be considered as is. Floor to ceiling heights all over the place, insulation and ventilation all over too. Pointed out that there were no legal bedrooms in the house and how it could be corrected and they laughed in my face - take it or leave it, we’ll find someone else to buy.

The sad truth is they probably will which is why they carry on like this knowing they can get away with it.

We’ll need a bit more detail here Clara.
It sounds as if you suddenly came across this as a done deal but surely there must have been a programme of works where these defects and disasters could have been nipped in the bud - was anybody minding the store?
You seem conversant with Building Regulations now … but what was been done to check all this during construction? Did you have a proper contract supported by a proper design?
Did you have proper professional advice and references for the builder?
Was there supposed to be retention of the ‘flattened’ portions under Planning - was Planning got at all and followed at all?
What is wrong with the bedrooms? How have you got different ceiling heights if it is all new construction?
How much has the builder been paid and have you a lender who may require compliance certification?
Sorry for all the questions but it all sounds a bit messy to me and a bit of detail would help.

It sounds as though Clara is looking to buy a house, considering the builders’ attitude is that “we’ll find someone else to buy” and is wondering why builders have learned nothing in the last few years. That’s my take anyway.

In order to answer this, I’ll quote/paraphrase a wise pinster (can’t remember where this was said or who said it…)

“Half build it, and they will come”

People seem to love buying crap.

I’ve only brought myself to rent crap.

I had assumed it was a contract Clara had - Sorry!
Still intrigues me - why is some of it flattened and rebuilt?
How bad could these ceilings be?
The bedrooms - wassup?
The address!

That’s the one!

They had to knock everything to build down.

retention planning given for ceiling height of 2.4, actual downstairs 2.3 and upstairs 2.1.

Still curious … is this a place you want to buy or a place you have already?

my bad I should have said in op, just pulled out of sale agreed.

Rightly so too!
Were the bedroom and upstairs ceiling issues due to it being a class of dormer?
Is it on Daft and Myhome … are there pictures … spill the address, please!

Build it and they’ll come refers to cargo cults.

… and magical-realist baseball

Aye I’m not posting address as I’m not disgruntled buyer. If someone else posts about the address I’ll let them have survey report and details discovered.

Still curious … well, call it nosy!
Was this a place that was supposedly to be part reconstructed as per an original delelict or demolished dwelling?
Still intrigued by your original post as it does not seem to be the usual housing estate or one-off new build scenario.
Fair play to you anyway for pulling out - best be a disgruntled almost bought than an actual buyer.