Hawthorns, Trafalgar Road, Greystones, Wicklow

Hi folks,

Still renting but went to see this place today.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/2716531

It’s small - as in, there’s not enough room to have people over for dinner and would need an extension to allow for any entertaining. But it is quaint and with extra room would be a lovely place to live. With this in mind, what’s a reasonable offer?

Also interested in place, but haven’t gone to see it yet. Seems to have been for sale for some time, anyone here had a viewing?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/2377267

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It’s difficult to make out much about that house from the pictures - is it detached or semi? What’s the approx sq footage? From what I can see, the garden is the only selling point. For me, the offering would stop about 100K below the current asking. I suppose someone might go to 325K or so, but, given the money that will be required for renovation and refurb, they’ll not be getting much value - imo.

Hi reactivated,

There’s a small cottage to the right hand side which is attached to the ground floor. Afraid I’m no expert at estimating the square footage but I’d be surprised if it was greater than 800sq ft.

The garden is lovely but any extension will eat into that. I’d agree with your offer, in fact I was thinking 250, given that extra work is needed, but you’re right, in the current market I wouldn’t be surprised if someone offered more,



Looks pretty small to me - sub 1000 sq foot with major refurbishment required. At least there’s nothing about the outside facade that would cause you to mourn external insulation - since you can’t afford to loose the interior space that would surely follow with dry lining.

Ultimately it depends on what you want to turn it into. And to what extent the internal walls can be removed without structural difficulty so as to allow you to commence with a blank canvas.

A 300 sq ft single storey extension permitting you a decent sized living room / kitchen / diner /single bathroom and the existing 2 beds plus a total refurb of the existing building is going to set you back 100-150 depending on your ability to shoulder the project management.

Which renders this nowhere in the region of bargain.

Thanks York,

You and reactivated are right - This place might look lovely but could end up being a money pit and will take quite a lot extra to get it to a decent space.

Ta for the reality check,