Health and Social Budget overruns - making the rest moot


A friend of mine was telling me that some data entry jobs(which shouldn’t exist except for a fool of a manager) in the same hospital he works in are paying as much as his IT/DB Admin/Data Analysis job. He isn’t feeling very motivated.


See Chart 3.5 (page 22) of the attached CSO report on Public Sector pay premiums.

The main PS pay premium is at the lower levels. Not at the upper levels.



By far the biggest reductions in take-home since 2009 were for those on >65k or so. If you were on the big bucks (>€150k) you saw nearly a 20% fall in take-home even before the impact of increased PAYE, USC, etc.


Pay re-instatement is targetted at the lower-end rather than the top so problem of getting people to do these jobs will increase. Lots of unfilled vacancies at a senior level in Public Service orgs I am familiar with. Bean counters often happy with prolonged vacancies as they see it as a pain free way of staying within budget (or rather they blow their budget but get bailed out by the vacancies). They don’t really care too much if it stresses the front-line or the service users.


The only thing this is good for is getting your foot in the door(it takes a long time to hire an outsider, but it is easy to move around once inside) and then hopefully jumping to another position which pays better along the line. That is what my friend did with his job although he is still looking to jump to something better. A few times he has seen what appear to be better jobs but has been warned off them as they in places which were highly hostile or completely dysfunctional.


The recent clerical officer (lowest grade in PS) competition had **30,000 **applicants.


That pay is ropey enough when compared with other PS salaries.

A teacher with an A post wouldn’t be far off that. A principal of a large secondary school would be well past that mark.

A standard lecturer salary would be of that order. All sorts of technical grades, planners, engineers, etc at senior level, would be on that.


Applicants will also have to take account of pension contributions which on this sort of salary are 15 per cent including the pension levy.

This means in practice the successful candidate will be taking home 50 per cent of total pay. Very attractive !!

#190 … 2015_0.pdf

Health ended 2015 +579m over budget in 2015.
Social Protection +277m over (Xmas bonus made up most of this)
Education was +169m over budget


So if the XMas bonus was not paid, the budget would have been balanced? Jeez, its hardly rocket science now is it?!


Have you read the job description? It implies it is a demanding senior management position.


How broken would the emergency health system be right now in Dublin if the swift care clinics and private hospital A and Es weren’t open.


Are you thinking after tax… the job specification has the following -


You mean if the money that goes on private health went on public health instead? It’d probably be about the same…


Jaysus, if that’s a “demanding senior management position” in the public sector, things are worse than I thought :smiley:

Jobs like this have very little room to actually do anything creative; you cannot off your own bat:

  • Hire
  • Fire
  • Set pay or conditions for any staff
  • Set charges to your clients
  • Increase or decrease staffing levels in any area
  • Instigate any capital expenditure

You’re basically a middle manager implementing policy and pay scales set by the government and your bosses (in this case the COO of a hospital group).


Like much of the money that went into the health system during the boom it would’ve been consumed by increases in pay & benefits.

Are the SIPTU nurses in St James now looking to strike because the hospital wants to charge them for parking??? How much does a car parking space in Dublin City cost the private sector each year?


Interesting phrase to use - “that goes”
How would it go exactly in this case?
As someone who afford it do I have to pay this extra amount, will I be seen faster, can I choose not to pay and still be seen at the same speed.

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seems to tally with the free medicines - even a small charge results in people finishing first pack of meds before getting another


Same with the free A&E back when it was free. I would hate to see anything stand in the way of a sick person being seen by a GP, but I suspect a €5 GP charge would have been a better idea, although not as headline-grabbing.

Fundamentally the issue is that the government shouldn’t be contracting out GP care to private providers and should be employing the GPs directly on a salary. They’re slooowly starting to that I believe.


This is probably true, but doctors are supposed to be scientists.

You’d get laughed out of a surgery if you said anecdotes had convinced you that nettle stings caused rabies.

Yet a doctor is able to get away with conclusions based on a few chats with his buddies and it’s treated as gospel!