Health and Social Budget overruns - making the rest moot


When I see stories like this I’m amazed we still have any sort of service at all.

Either someone was negligent, and should bear the cost themselves, or there was a mistake that doesn’t amount to negligence, in which case there’s no liability.


A T.D. says “it makes no sense” for the HSE to cut back on home care.

It makes perfect sense for the HSE. The government is trying to control HSE spending so the HSE makes cuts to home care packages knowing that will have our public representatives will be howling for more funding.



Canadian waiting time report.


This reminded me by way of a recent but anecdotal source, that it is claimed in the Irish Health System, that public patients are being more pro-actively shuffled into private waiting lines to reduce public waiting times and private patients waiting times are on the rise, in some instances.

Perhaps this is an openly stated policy, maybe it’s already been reported, I have no idea but it would fit into the form of deck chair management so befitting of Irish politics of the last quarter century when faced with any tangible problem.


I think at this stage FG have shown themselves to be as bad as FF when it comes to doling out sweeties to the public sector and accurately estimating their actual cost