Health and Social Budget overruns - making the rest moot


Over €80m of that €150m “saving” is down to deferring payment of tax free lump sums to retirees until February. It’s not a saving. They’re making pensioners wait an extra 2 months for their payment so it doesn’t show up in 2013 expenditure.
AFAIK the rest is down to a capital project that was pushed into the start of 2014. So again, it is not a saving, it has just been delayed so it becomes next year’s problem.


If I went into the boss and asked him to kick an (80+50) =130 millon loss into next years profits , knowing he had already been forced by the board to take on 666 million at the very least in cuts for next year, I’d be fired. This is exactly what the troika were saying.


I’m not sure the Troika were even being that forthright.

But yes, you’re dead right. If you were doing that in a company, I think it would be the kind of thing that would flag up big issues at audit time, especially as it mounted up over time.

But we shouldn’t jump to criticise. Maybe the HSE bought a lot of bitcoins last year, so they’re going to be able to offset the carried forward losses against the gain on BTC. They’re probably just waiting for a clear position on how bitcoin gains will be counted (CGT, VAT, etc.,) before they reveal and unwind their position. Then kicking the expenditure forward could look pretty smart, eh? eh? pretttay damn smart!!!

I love how we’re governed and administered by such rawly powerful intellectual powerhouses…


I’ve a crazy idea :bulb:

Instead of the Dept of health helping out the HSE with its budget why not eliminate the dept of Health entirely!

I’ve asked before, and it’s not a rhetorical question. Does anyone know what the Dept of Health does?

Why not just have the HSE or the Dept of Health.


The Dept of Health is the essential administrative body that beats up the HSE for budget overruns. In turn, the HSE is the essential administrative body that beats up the administrators of the service providers for budget overruns.

If this was a plc there would be a tiny HSE and Dept Health. … ay-2011-10


That article is utter bullshit.

Berkshite Hathaway is a conglomerate. The corporate office is not involved in the running of any of the companies that it owns, so the analogy is totally spurious. I don’t know how small or big an office of 21 people is for such a large investment fund, but it shouldn’t be compared to a non-conglomerate company of 260,000 people, never mind be compared to a country.

Even the source article quoted gives a much better insight into his management style

When questioned once about why Berkshire didn’t take a more active role in fixing Moody’s, the troubled credit rating agency, in which he was the largest shareholder, he declared: “I’ve never been to Moody’s. I don’t even know where they’re located.”

It’s a good little read actually … .html?_r=0


Eh. that’s the employees of BH’s wholly owned businesses, not the investments. I presume they have a hand in managing/monitoring them.


There is a far better way to operate public services - scary stuff


I’m not sure if they are all wholly owned or not, but the point is that they are owned by a conglomerate, and by its nature the head office of a conglomerate should be small. The managing of a railroad business and a re-insurance business are different and large enough to support all their own back office functions; they do not need to share any common functions so the head office will only serve to report at a high level the performance of the business.

The analogy of the BH head office is closer to the Cabinet of a government than anything else.

That Economist article is interesting, as are the comments below it. It seems to me to be the other extreme as a solution - everything outsourced including justice? That is scary indeed. You can imagine it in Ireland, how all the private contractors were friends of FF!


Coc is correct , it infuriates me when that is the case but anyway the meat of the matter is supercritical … e–caolin/

Its very unpalatable but they have to have a service plan that implements like I said almost a billion ( and I’ll remind you all that’s a billion OVER the other cuts what was in the draft service plan ! ) in cuts … watch this bad boy get slipped out behind some corker of a news story. I’m amazed this isn’t getting more exposure.

Enda and Brendan must be firing heavy guns on this one as they are associated now.

#50 … vice-plan/

HSE to publish plans for €619m cuts

So the dodgy 113m medical card saving reduced to 23m. Wonder where they cut the 90m balance from

This also omits the 2013 expenditure they just delayed til 2014


Gurdgiev on Healthcare. Jokers burning money - -> … ing-money/
October 7, 2013


Folks does anyone have a copy of the draft GP under 6 contract, can’t find it anywhere online, or the UHI whitepaper that is being held back ?


Q1 Expenditure figures are out … diture.pdf

Health: +49m over budget

DSP: -156m under budget


Great stuff JackaL

BTW the UHI Paper is out. I am strongly considering making a submission when the public consultation opens


I think they’re looking in the wrong place. There is a difference in speed of diagnosis, but there’s also a big difference in speed of treatment once inside the system. The public system can be slow to move to treatment once diagnosis is established, leading to extended stays in hospital ‘waiting’… my more limited experience of private health is that timescales are kept as short as possible!


Told ya.

All this AND the HSE is trying to brush the business cases for the voluntary hospitals under the carpet.


[*HSE deficit doubles to €54 million in one month * (


Bury the bad news day :nin


Reilly says €108m in health savings not achieveable - Martin Wall -> … -1.1801849


It’s funny where numbers come from.
the last entry here was about HSE deficit doubling to 54m in 1 month
The next number that appears is €108, exactly double the last number.

For Reilly to say it’s for Government to find the savings is ridiculous unless he’s resigning.