Health and Social Budget overruns - making the rest moot


At this early stage of the year , keeping that logic going will mean a billion in the hole by the end of the year ( being this bad this early means it will get disproportionately worse in Q3/Q4 ) , thus negating any scope for tax reductions in the budget even with a supplementary budget to be called out ! .

Plus the under-6s medical card needs to be sweetened some more

expect a continuing slow rain of poo from this corner, O’Reilly’s some windbag.


Not really.

His colleagues in cabinet signed off on the bullshit savings of HR, when each & every one of them knew it was a crock of shit. So why should he swing just because he took the cost savings from the official crock-o-shit, & put them into his budget ? He has repeatedly said he doesn’t believe the budget was achievable; should he be punished for being honest ?

  1. This is exactly why the troika should not have left.
  2. That’s not, though, how Cabinet works. The 14 make a decision and agree to keep it as the Government. DOES NOT mean you have to like it; he was free to say NO at any stage.


And of course then he’d resign as a Minister & return to the back benches, his honor unstained…

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You’re going in circles.
Yes, he should be resigning or taking a stand.
He could have made that choice in the past too.
I don’t believe he’s fully engaged with challenges of cost-saving in the healt-system.


Yeah, I know that, but you have to laugh at the whole fupped up mess we have :frowning:

At the last election I wanted FG to not go into Coalition because I saw exactly this kind of shite happening, & FG keeping Labour onside would mean giving Ministries to wastes of Oxygen like Joan Brutal & wafflers like Howlin. I have respect for Quinn, because he doesn’t see being popular as his most important job in Government. With Howlin & Burton blocking progress in those two critical Ministries, there’s no prospect of meaningful restructuring of the PS Payroll, or Welfare expenditure, & if you can’t fix those, what chance have you in Health, where you have deal with both the Welfare & PS issues, as well as all the powerful VI Interests with the Health Insurance providers & the Consultants et al ?

To fix health you have to piss off the core of Labours vote. There is no other way !


I don’t disagree with you really, though I do think the problem goes further than Labour. I think even Fine Gael on their own would be far far away from what is needed in the country.


I think we all agree there’s feck all to chose between the parties, & Independents to Ireland. But I’d naively hoped that there might have been some little substance behind FG’s declarations before the GE :blush: The way they recruited & then ignored Peter Mathews just shows how they were playing the usual opposition games of punch & judy.

Is it too much to ask for a Political party that’s fiscally conservative & not socially facist ?


I think it’s deeper and more depressing than that… the way Peter Mathews turned out to be a nutter, now that’s a problem with personnel. You see it in almost every politician, barring, as you say, Quinn ad maybe Varadkar (who also seems not to care that he offends by refusal). Maybe Mary Lou too, though I’m less sure about the rest of the shinners.


Oh come on ! the best thing about opposition is you can say anything you like to the average voter without having to live up to it. Viz. current SF election campaign for a classic example.


Acute hospitals overspend budgets by over €63m


Any decision to restrict the HSE’s programme of reviewing medical cards will limit its ability to make the savings required of the health service in last month’s Budget. By the end of March, the HSE was already running €80 million over budget.

The HSE said that at the end of February this year, assessments had been concluded in 482,866 cases and of this group 96.4% of people continued to hold their card.

1.5 million medical cards in play and they want to withdraw 17383 of them.

3.6 percent… Arrghhhhhh but that is politics. I should put up a picture of a volcano about to erupt every year when DOH. With it this bad this year it can only get virulently worse.


Well people are getting the policies they voted for !

We’ll all pay more tax, because God forbid anyone should ever be queried as to why they have a medical card XX


Ruling has implications for health professionals - Elaine Finneran -> … -1.1806561


Let’s hope this Discretionary Medical Card review doesn’t drag on as long as the Domiciliary Care Allowance review. That is potentailly 140m mis spent … endocument


27,400 children in receipt of allowance
50% of the random sample in 2012 were ineligible but kept in payment pending review of the scheme. … pter19.pdf (see pg 6)

That review started May 2012. Reviews still suspended 2 years later, May 2014

Potential overpayment: … tml#l62fd2
DCA Allowance: 309.5 a month x 12 months = 3,714 per year

  • automatically entitled to Respite Care Grant = 1,375 once a year
    x 2 years of suspended reviews = 10,178 per child
    potentially 50% of the 27,400 children no longer entitled = €139.4m potentially given to ineligble cases


The hole in the HSE’s pocket … -1.1817759


As I have been saying all along. That was even called out by the EU in their letter in the last couple of days./


Saving grace (no pun intended) is that Social Protection is way under budget for 2014.

Joan will no doubt be using this as part of her election campaign


Noonan says removed medical cards will be returned

So how much exactly in the HSE gonna be over budget come end 2013?




Another only in Ireland moment…

We are concerned about the cost of the medical card scheme,

We do a review to see is everyone still entitled to a card,

The review finds that some people are not entitled to a card,

We remove their card,

We have an election,

We give them their cards back.