Health and Social Budget overruns - making the rest moot


I wonder how much cash has been wasted during this debacle.

FF + FG + Lab = Incompetence


I guess they could try taking the medical cards off the rich pensioners now…


I think any type of like that will be resisted…I wonder could we invite the IMF back in, anyone got their number handy? … -1.1820340

Labour has ‘short window’ to make amends - Dick Spring


God I hope there’s an election soon

I really dread to think the kinda shit the government are gonna try pull if they last until the next one is actually scheduled


The amount of lies and bullshit peddled on this one issue alone ( medical cards ) is phenomenal. What is wrong with asking people if they have got better or if their life circumstances have changed, someone tell me what a review should look like ! Med cards all get blown away in < 3 years anyway the level of discourse in this country is so fucked.


Asking if they are better off? Are you mad.

Just a week ago Joan Burton for Social Protection passed a bill allowing you to keep Family Income Supplement for 12 months from day of assessment, even if your circumstance get better the day after you apply! … 00514.aspx

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FFS. The clue is in the name bud


Despite the name Medical Cards are not issued on the grounds of Medical need, but financial.

From the Health Act 1970 … html#sec45


Alex white on pt not giving a fuck about the budget ARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH I swear to fuck … ( and I’m a closet Labour Voter )


And he’s the one who was supposed to own the Medical Card scheme, yet he’s in the running for the Labour leadership, while the Minister is probably on the way out. Ain’t politics wonderful !


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Hse looking at 500m over Budget for 2014, as I predicted

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I am betting closer to the billion deficit as I mentioned a few pages back, I think Thejackal is a hopeless optimist :slight_smile: … This will singlehandedly wipe any chance of a tax break this year unless we use monopoly money


Does DSP or DOHC pay for medical cards currently?


What is the actual point in having a budget if it is just ignored? I wonder how much money they spend preparing the ‘budget’ ?!


HSE pay for it.

The Medical Cards are now done from from a central location, the Primary Care Reimbursement Service, out in Finglas.


What does the Dept of Health actually do - that the HSE does not do?


Here is one of them.