Health and Social Budget overruns - making the rest moot


Not much.

They only had 355 staff in 2012.

Spent 239m … Vote38.pdf


DOH develops policy

HSE implements policy …

People forget why they are separate, because it was so fucking awful. Did no-one read Drumm’s book or Wren’s book ? Required reading the both of them


Why won’t the Taoiseach intervene since the Minister for Health irrespective of how effective he is struggles with reducing costs in his Department.
The finances of the country are on the line here. A good Managing Director would be offering support to his departmental manager if he had this problem in their department.
I know it doesn’t help that the Labour party are the political wing/lobby group of the Unions and the Unions control the Health and Public/Civil Services but still why won’t the Taoiseach grasp this nettle.


Right, so the obvious quick and dirty fix to the HSE budget problem is to get DSP (which is seeing declining costs as employment picks up) to pay for the medical cards like they do with winter fuel allowance etc.

This would be consistent with the DSP’s role as the department of wealth redistribution, and perfect for Labour.

I’m sure this isn’t my idea and that I’ve heard it mooted recently in the MSM.


When they do tiny Tim Cratchet gets held hostage. The HSE bosses cut funding to the areas in the system the will generate the most noise and adverse media publicity for the ministers.


Targeted Compulsory Redundancies …surely at this stage, it’s now time


Capital Punishment is too good for them XD


In fairness discretionary medical cards should not have been troublesome given the numbers involved and the cohort.

For example we have HIQA declaring A&Es unsafe and yet they remain open; can you imagine the outcry if they closed them ?

*don’t even get me started on the possible liability claims against the relevant ambulance services if they drop off against a known unsafe A&E

Look at all the current programs , entitlement based and otherwise and tell me the one that won’t lose votes if you close it.


“15,000 patients who lost medical cards as far back as July 2011 will see them restored Cabinet today agreed in principal a plan to hand back medical cards to patients ‘within weeks’” … 61489.html


To be funded via supplementary budget at year end.

This, of course, will be a small part of the annual large supplement required for the HSE who have failed to break even for at least 7 years in a row now


Hospitals face wave of cuts as budget crisis in health deepens … 85677.html


Why is health spending always over budget or put it another way was there a time when it was not over budget?


More people with less healthy lifestyles.

Ischemic heart disease, mortality rates, 2010 (or nearest year)

Certainly the likes of obesity is adding additional problems to an already stretched health service.

The only time it doesn’t come in over-budget is when the government refuses to provide more cash.


The Comptroller & Auditor General has reported twice on Budget Management in the Health Service Executive

Sep 2013, for years 2008-2012 … pter21.pdf

Sep 2008, for the overpsend in year 2007 (see pg127) … t2007b.pdf

2006 also needed a Supplement

2005 was fine and was the first set of audited accounts

So of the 10 years of full accounts for the HSE, only once (2005) was it under Budget.

From 2006-2014 it has been over every single year. Shocking stuff


There is systemic under funding of health in most of countries. If it was well planned there would be almost no waiting for appointments and procedures. I think it was never the case and he have “health service deficit”, which makes it look like healthcare can take any amount on cash.


except as a portion of GDP/GNP Ireland spends more than most other Countries and Ireland has a larger proportion of the population who are relatively young and shouldn’t be in need of medical care.


Which is it and do you have source for that claim (unless it is the unvarnished claim that Ireland spends more than Somalia, Tuvalu etc.) and what exactly are you claiming.


source: … -1.1817799


Heard a funny comment on radio the other night - basically since the HSE overruns it’s budget every year this should be factored into it’s estimates for the year.


Thank you very interesting.