Health and Social Budget overruns - making the rest moot


Dept of Finance Net Voted Expenditure to end Dec 2014 … 202014.pdf

Overall 2014: +169m over budget or 17.7%

Overall 2014: +95m over budget or 1.2%

Overall 2014: +19m over budget or 2.6%

Overall 2014: +647m over budget or +5.5%

Overall 2014: +54m over budget or +2.8%

Overall 2014: +163m over budget or +12.8%

Total Net Cumulative Voted Spending
Overall +841m over budget or +2.0%
Current spending +638m over budget or +1.7%
Capital spending +204m over budget or +6.8%


The patients always get used as pawns in this.

I know of at least 2 specific examples where medics in hospitals have obstructed medic-proposed changes that would improve productivity (and shorten waiting list/improve outcome). The only logic I can see is they don’t want to “reward” or facilitate the cuts. The result is patients have poorer outcomes. The system protects itself. The medics I speak to don’t generally recognise this mechanism until it’s pointed out.


European Health Insurance Card ->

At last! A crackdown on foreign patients abusing NHS: Sick visitors from EU cost us £400million a year - -> … -year.html


HSE West pays €829k to re-employ 37 retired staff in 2014

What about the other health regions?


Well worth watching back tonight’s Prime Time.

Some serious shenanigans going on between a medical supplies company and Procurement managers in some of the hospital groups…holidays, hotels, shopping vouchers in exchange for competitors price lists, no competition for some orders.
Other senior Hospital staff on the medical side involved also thought they weren’t named.

Gardai, HSE and Dept of Health have had this info from the Whistleblower for over a year but no investigation has yet being undertaken :imp:


To think no poltician I am sure, ever benefited in a similar manner. :nin


Audio update – New EU Healthcare Directive could help patients on LGH waiting lists – Harkin - -> … ts-harkin/

Sligo Hospital waiting list patients can access cross border treatment - -> … -1-6815443

HSE is obliged to fund ops abroad - -> … 38676.html

Care abroad to cost only €623,000 - -> … 23000.html

One wonders can the manipulation of waiting lists for political purposes by the HSE be bypassed?


That’s what’s really wrong here. Apart from harassing the whistleblower, nobody else is to blame in the cosy circles (whether public or private).


Consultant says Irish health system ‘completely broken’ - -> … -1.2295897


HSE records deficit of €164 million in first five months … -1.2300804


HSE Overrun in 2014 was €680m AFTER Leo said it would ‘only’ be €550m as late as November 2014, 2 weeks later he needed another €100m.

The supplementary overrun was ‘only’ €360m in 2012

HSE Overrun in 2015 is now likely to be €500m at least I hear. Leo has told them to keep it at or under the €500m mark as there is an election coming up.

€500m+€680m = €1.2bn ]would have built a Luas line to the Airport more or less.The TOTAL amount spent on (5 of them) supplementary budgets by the end of 2015, and since this government was elected in 2011 would have paid for the Dart Underground tunnel by now.

]The NHS in the UK only costs c.10x the HSE for 13x the population. The difference is that the NHS is a UNIVERSAL system where we pay for GP care and drugs and the like on top of the boolickology in the HSE. :frowning:

The NHS is much better value, overall, and produces much better results than the HSE does.


From Seamus Coffey’s twitter feed.

There is a popular narrative that spending on public services in Ireland is low by international standards. But Ireland’s old-age population is unusually low. A lot of people born in Ireland between the 30s and 50s live abroad due to high emigration until the mid-70s. As a result there is not as much of a drag on spending from pension costs.

When you account for this, other public spending is above the EU average and not far off vaunted Sweden.


HSE 334m net over budget for current expenditure to end Sep-15 … ture_0.pdf


As you may remember from earlier in the week the C&AG noted that they hadn’t collected bills from health insurers.
That was just the stuff for which they were competent enough to bill.
This wasn’t a case of the PHIs not looking to pay, it was a case of a massive dysfunctional bureacracy knowing that they can lump the cost of their operations on the taxpayer.

#175 … 53128.html

This years HSE Overrun is €0.66BN or around 0.5% of GNP Insanity. :frowning:

Social Welfare may need a digout too, €10s of Millions there not €100s. They were on profile in September and blew the accumulated surplus bribing Labour Voters with dole Christmas bonuses. However 10,000 paddies showed up from Australia and Canada since the summer and promptly signed on I hear. :slight_smile:


Feckin Immigrants coming here for our Welfare

The Media still hasn’t turned on Leo despite his performance in health…bar the occasional muttering such as Collette Brown’s piece last week in the Indo. I wonder why :angry:


Wait till the nurses are out on strike and the new hospital trollies on order are delivered this month. Probably on the same day. :slight_smile:


That’s actually 665m for next year. They are currently €465m over budget for 2015 … diture.pdf


No, it is for this year. €465m plus whatever the deficit is in december and some money to fund compensation schemes for symphysiotomy (sp?) victims and orphanages too . They seemingly ‘need’ to fatten up 2015 expenditure as some spending brakes kick in next year (some Euro rule) based on 2015 expenditure, I’m not sure exactly what this ‘rule’ is. It may be the ‘forward looking rule’ component of the debt reduction process we are in until we get our national debt to 60% of GDP some time well after 2020.

I understand the total of all supplementary spending in December could exceed €2bn and the health supplement is the first one announced to date.


The HSE have just advertised advertised for a general manager of St Columcille’s (aka Loughlinstown) Hospital.

This is a starting salary of €3300 topping out at €3750 pcm. Is the HSE really going to attract high-quality managers in at these kind of wages with Dublin housing costs?