Healthy housing data disappoints merchants of doom

I think it’s fair to say that Batt O’Keeffe is nothing short of a moron.

Apparently, everybody’s a Doom-and-Gloomer now, even the VI’s who told us that by slashing output, builders can maintain higher prices.

Newsflash Batt - high output is BAD, BAD, BAD for your “property market” because it WILL encourage a slump in prices.

This slashed output argument was the last crutch of the Property-Hypers, not the Doom-and-Gloomers…!!!

\rant off

Have we had “roll back” before? Add it to “soft-landing”, “healthy correction” etc.

I think the most important point is that 55k house completitions is far too many since we have over built significantly in the last few years.

Isn’t this the second time in the past month or so that Baffled Batt has pointed to a relatively high output rate as if it were a good thing?

Yep, its the equivalent of petrol on a fire in a country with 330k empties.

Somewhere around halfway through the original AAM thread some came to the conclusion that this was irreversible, gone too far and that we were damned if we do and damned if we dont.

Its being illustrated now.

Apparently Davy are now part of the doom and gloom brigade. Wasn’t 45k units given as part of their justification for the “3 stage recovery” that we’re going to see? It’s even repeated in today’s Tribune:

This is news to you ? :laughing:

Do you seriously imagine any Politician with a IQ greater than the shoe size would touch his job with a twenty foot pole !

Minister Batt O’Keeffe and CIF Boss former Minister Tom Parlon should be allocated a site to keep a running log on their pronouncements on the
housing industry as by this time next year when the fall out is hammering all sectors a look back on their efforts to build a market on hot air will make for some reading.

I stopped listening to Batt after I heard him say “rents are going up, so that’s good news”

Minister for housing eh? Or should that be homeowners?

Batt sees himself as the minister for House prices, not the minister for Housing.

It’s a bit like Mary Harney seeing herself as minister for illness.


Baffling Baffled Batt 8)