Heathrow and Spanish Property -

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Are these guys “well diversified”, or “exposed all over the place”? And Heathrow - well - maybe if Spanish Property crashes, people will have less need to travel there so traffic numbers will fall so landing slots will become “more affordable” so Shannon will be able to buy one slot a week (for Dell subcontractors moving to Poland), and Aer Lingus’s assets will fall …no no hang on I was trying to make it all sound positive… don’t want to be thought a doom-monger… :confused: db.

The institutions who lent Ferrovial the €9 billion should be worried enough to re-negotiate the interest on that amount.

Sorry, £9 billion.

I would be more worried about the £3bn ( €4bn) that eircom owes !

Could this be somehow related:
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BAA sells duty-free stores to Autogrill for $1.1B

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