You got to love it
The gif is pretty neat too!
No need to cut the lawn for weeks!


There would really be no reason to go abroad for a holiday if every summer was like this.
Absolutely fantastic weather.


Really loving the way global warming is starting to kick in, all we need now is three or four degrees on the sea temp and Ireland is the paradise island we’ve dreamed of all our lives!


Late evening is the best. The sun is still shining but it’s nice and cool out, so great for a cycle or a walk.


The first thing that came to mind when I saw the title.

Showing my age…


Good song - remember it well!

The first thing that came to my mind was this (And I know it’s not the original but Linda Ronstadt’s version was the first one I ever heard in the mid '70s)



The worrying thing with this heatwave is its size, affecting both North America AND Europe at least, very often a warning sign of an imminent massive volcanic eruption, but thankfully here in Ireland we are not immediately exposed to any fallout although of course it could have a huge impact on airline flights for months


New one on me, I was under the impression that it was due to the jetstream running far to the north, it’s normally the aftermath of an eruption that lowers local temperatures or global if large enough.

Checking the latest charts, the jetstream is well north of the British isles and north of the US as well.





There’s finally some rain in the long range forecast for the week after next. 14-day forecast gives several rainy days for Dublin starting on Monday 16th of July.


IIRC, this was the reason for last winters snow too.
Could this weather phenomenon become a more permanent seasonal fixture ?


The long cold spell was partially due to the jetstream running to the south and dragging Polar air with it.


Bet on it.
We need to remember that solar energy reaches earth only by radiation, which means that earth absorbs the sun’s energy from inside outwards, not from the surface inwards, the earth warms up internally in response to the sun’s radiation. The important thing here is that hydrocarbon oil and gas has evolved within the earth as a mechanism for helping modulate such heat build-up, flattening the seasonal heating-cooling sine wave if you like, absorbing heat in summer and then releasing it in winter, ensuring milder winters instead of severe cold that would kill off most life on the planet. Think of the mechanism being a bit like your oil-cooled transformer in industrial plants and power stations. The problem now is that as oil and gas continues being extracted from the earth, the less capability there is to modulate the earths temperature at peak times like high summer, i.e. right now, and the problem is not going to disappear as we continue exploiting the world’s oil and gas resources. Filling depleted oil and gas fields with water or CO2 makes little impact because of their far lower heat absorbing properties, so the sad news is that yes there really is global warming going on (through this mechanism), but it is entirely different to the bogus global warming theories we have been bombarded with in recent years by the likes of Al Gore, and means in our own lifetimes we should be preparing for peak summer heats of 10 degrees centigrade higher than current peaks and possibly even more, extending for months at a time, the kind of temperature profiles that native Irish people simply cannot tolerate, are genetically completely unprepared for. This represents a real threat to our country’s prosperity and ability to function on any kind of normal level, so government needs to address this issue seriously now for us to stand any chance of effectively responding. One positive is that Ireland now has a fast growing immigrant population of Africans and Arabians who are genetically very well suited to the new extreme climate that we will soon experience, and this is the demographic that will thrive and help carry the country forward as the native population struggles to adapt. An outcome of the higher temperatures therefore is that overtaking of the native Irish population by the new arrivals in raw numbers will happen much sooner than expected and could even happen within 20 years. A lot here for us to think about, but also to act upon for the sake of our children.


Ahem, I’m calling complete and utter bullshit on that thesis.


Poe’s law maybe


Hydrocarbon deposits buried hundreds of metres below the surface act as thermal buffers seasonally modulating the earths surface temperatures? Really?

Our oceans do that, not oil. Even if our oceans were made of crude oil, it’s specific heat capacity is roughly one third that of water.


I think it has to be a spoof. :smiley:


the heat effects us all differently :wink:


The high jetstream is unusual, but I doubt it’ll become permanent. Still, the desalination of the North Atlantic and the small extent of polar ice may mean it is less unusual in future.