Hello again! €30k painting job advice



We have bought a new house (yeah me) and getting quotes to paint (inside and out).

Quote coming in at €25k plus vat. Period. Inside and out. Coving. 340sqm.

How on or off market is this?



Seems cheap Johnny.

What did you say his name was… Micheál O’Angelo?

Looks alright but never heard of him! :man_shrugging:


We had the entire interior of a new house, same size, painted at the beginning of 2015. It cost 10k including VAT without the paint but the undercoat was provided by the painter. This house has very high ceilings and plaster cornices to all rooms. There was only minor touching up required to the window frames but it included all doors, skirting boards, 2 large staircases, everything apart from the floor. No exterior painting apart from the front door.


id suggest that 10k was extraordinary value and not representive of the cost of getting a similar job done in 2019.

OP 30k sounds about right but i would want a very good painter for that kind of dosh


How long did that job take from start to end?


I’d expect painting the local primary school would cost 30k, really? Are you looking for a showroom finish?


if you are going to go to the bother of repainting a whole house why would you not want a showroom finish.

decent paint (benjamin moore, farrow and ball etc) is also expensive.


I can’t remember exactly but no longer than a week. There was a team. The company we used were working on lots of high end new builds at the time and their finish was terrific. You need to speak to a surveyor before spending much more than that.

Back in 2015 it was incredibly difficult to find great tradesmen - So many were gone abroad. We haven’t found that work back then was cheaper than it is now, we had tilers, plumbers, electricians, kitchen, wardrobes, carpets fitted. Lots of work still ongoing, we haven’t seen a big jump in the price of the work we are having done.


obviously mileage varys but any finishes regarding painting i have seen on high end new builds has been awful. Our house was what one might class as a high end new build and we had it all completely re done.

but your crew sound like they were an exception in this regard. i think you did very well on price there.


I was on site the entire time, I don’t know if that helped. The guys we used were well known to the interior designers we use and they were really meticulous.



Have I slipped off the fucking edge of reality or is this a joke thread?


To. Paint. A.House.

A newbuild house, to boot?

Are you people high?

Have you so fucking lost sight of any ability to value or critique labour that you would pay this amount of money to paint a house?

Here in the UK you could have a 20m2 2-storey extension build for that amount… (or a 30m2 single storey extension). The average UK annual salary is about £35k (about €40k) are you seriously suggesting that painting a house is worth 3/4 of the annual average wage of the 6th largest economy in the world?

Sorry Ireland, with this thread you have just completed suicide. Again.

And The maddest thing about this is that, even as you read this post, you hadnt realised it…


It’s pricey ok, but the OP indicates that it’s a large period house, to be painted inside and out. People on the average wage don’t buy large period houses. (The world’s 6th largest economy doesn’t really have anything to do with it either – the average wage there is lower than Ireland).


€25k + VAT is a ridiculously excessive price even if it is a period house. It is almost an average annual salary in Ireland also.
You can get a more realistic price by posting a job on www.tradesmen.ie. That should result in 4 free quotes from rated and reputable tradesmen after posting a job (no fees for posting - its free)


Old thread but for that money I’d hire a full time maintenance person for the year.

They’re bound to get the painting done eventually.


Have to agree
As a tradesman myself anybody who would even consider paying 30 k to have their house painted has their head that far up their arse its unbelievable
10 k and you are getting done unless its a top class finish.
No contractor is paying more than 40/45k a year to their tradesmen to their painter tradesmen