Help - Commercial Renting

Right now I am searching for a one person office about 15 sqm in and around the city center.

Some of my experiences include:

  1. EA lie or advertise price is not asking price. Twice I made an offer only to be told the rent was 50% and 100% more than the daft price. One told me my offer (the daft price) was insulting and wouldn’t pay for the cleaning. I asked how do I become one of these over paid cleaners and then pointed out that the cleaners were not doing a good job. Somehow they found this even more insulting.

  2. You are NOT doing me a favor.

  3. Quality ranges from bad to mediocre and it is all still over priced.

  4. EA lie or they cant add. A number of times I got sent a data sheet by email from the EA with the sizes of the rooms. Every time they over estimate the room size by up to 50%. Is there some magical special way of measuring floor space?

  5. If I hear the phrase “I am doing you a favor” one more time I will punch somebody.

  6. EA lie or they cant read. They give me the wrong figures for rates. I can call the council and find the rates you know. Also I know the water charges so stop bullshitting me.

  7. EA lie or no this room was not recently vacated it has been on daft the last 18 months.

  8. I am finding this search mega frustrating.

stop using estate agents then, or start a home office if 15sqm is all you need, put up an ad saying you’ll sublet from somebody.
if EA’s are annoying you so much why do you keep going back for more?

Perhaps I should have been more clear. I am finding the spaces through daft or from street signs so sometime I find myself dealing with the owner. So EA = Owner = Sub leaser = All equally dishonest in my experience.

But you are right it might be time for a re-think.

Unless you actually require office space (say for another staff member or to host clients) then work from home. If you are self employed you can then offset some of you utility bills against tax.

Talk to your accountant.

Blue Horseshoe

Exactly and if you dont have to rent commercially consider yourself luck as all i hear are horror stories from people who stupidly signed leases and are getting royally S****D as a result. As a matter of interest what business are you in?

But be careful you do not jeopardise your PPR status in the event you will be selling the house and possibly facing a CGT bill.

Have you checked these:
working from home is a pain in the ass. Only a fraction of utilities can be offset

I am working in what can be called complementary and alternative medicine.

When doing due diligence on possible rental space I make sure to talk to some people already in the buildings just to see what problems they have with the landlord. I did get one horror story from somebody who signed a 25 year lease 5 years ago. Most people I talked to are struggling some are looking to downsize waiting for the lease to run out some are thinking about calling it quits and others think they have a viable business so they are hanging on till the recession ends.

Well, considering you don’t pay much extra to do it, it’s not a bad arrangement if you have the space…

I might just have the space to create one of these setups. However I need some more cash for improving spec of space. It something I have been thinking about for some time now. I didn’t realise there was a “movement” but it makes sense. You could call it .communism “putting the “ism” back to work”, :smiling_imp:

Interesting stuff. lower rents all around should make this the viable alternative. We simply need landlords or the state to cop itself on or else take matters into our own hands.

Only in Bizarro-world Ireland: if you want bananas, don’t go to the banana salesman whatever you do!!

I am looking at a space to rent in Dublin 2 it is a typical Georgian building and the room I am looking at is about 16 sqm (170 sqf). Can anybody give me a ball park figure what the insurance should be. Landlord is looking for €500 for insurance per year.

many thanks.

Fuck the state. They won’t fix anything. This is how things get fixed. Grassroots

Train tracks are ching ching!

Maybe your friendly local Bank Manager will help you out? :laughing: