Help me choose: garden orientation


Am buying a semi-detached new build in an estate and have the choice between the two houses at either end of the row. Both have north facing back gardens

House 1 is at the west end of the row and is not overlooked at all to the west side. It has a bit of extra garden at the west side but probably not enough for a reasonable extension

House 2 is at the east end of the row and will have a row of houses to the side across a road facing the east side. There is a large side garden to the east of the property with room to extend.

Which would you all advise I choose? My inclination is to go with house 1 as I assume it would get more sunlight in the evenings as it is not overlooked to the west, would I be correct in this assumption? Sunlight would probably be more important to me than the possibility of extending. As well as this house 1 will be built much sooner than house 2.

Any opinions?

I’d be inclined to agree. If you want to take the time to locate your potential houses on Google maps, you might find the following utility useful:

1 is the better choice in terms of orientation. Room to extend is a whole other thing.

House 1 gets my vote assuming you have no urgent need for more space. To be able to catch some evening sun is a definite plus in a north facing garden.

I find this sun light calculator a bit more user friendly

Thanks that’s what I would be inclined to think as well. The east side of my parents house is very dark and mossy so think west woułd be best. I really don’t think we would ever need to extend anyway but it’d be a bonus to have the option.

As Jim Morrison said: “The West… is the best”.