Helping first-time buyers move in without full deposit … 40169.html

Doesn’t it warm the heart to see these nice developers helping struggling first time buyers into the negative equity shoeboxes?

Thanks Gerry… You’re some man… :unamused:

Adds were in Metro (or Healrd) this morning, between laughing at them and the full page ictu add, people on the dart musta thought I was on something 8)

what a humanitarian

Newcombe Estate agents? … ocationID= … ion=Dublin

I had a chuckle as well, was odd to see property developers using the same style of ads as Des Kelly the Carpet man

I’ve been able to rent and save a deposit, am I doing something wrong?!

I was going to “come out” and say the same thing. :blush: :blush:
The shame.

Sharing? Flatmate? All wrong.

You should buy a gaff and rent a room out, hell, rent two. :wink:

maybe we could start a support-group - Renter-and-Savers Anonymous

Hi - My name Bigby and I rent and I save.

No more flatmates stealing your milk…

Pay your monthly deposits? Its just rent by an other name

even worse

Important Notice: EasiSteps is a purchase plan which is subject to Status. Terms & Conditions Apply.
Purchasers should note that as all payments are deposit payments and not rent, and are** therefore not eligible
for rent relief during the occupation period nor are they mortgage instalments and similarly are not eligible
for mortgage interest relief.** The agreement you will be required to sign is an important legal document and
you should read and understand it completely before you sign it. We recommend you obtain independent legal
advice before purchasing under the EasiSteps Purchase Plan.

Now that’s canny 8)

Bugger no more flatmates to steal milk and cornflakes from. :frowning:

Had to be the stupidest ad I’ve heard on the radio in quite some time. Live rent free for 2 years my arse.

Stealing from an owner occupier has a much more Robin Hood feel about it anyway… :wink:

But will I be contractually obliged to complete, no mention here of what I’m actually contractually obligated to?
But then again, and this may just be an internet explorer problem, go to the home page and click the Legal Notice link at the bottom of the left margin:


Hold on one second… if you are not paying rent (not eligible for rent relief)


                            if you are not paying a mortgage (not eligible for mortgage relief)

                            then you are paying nothing for the flat you are living in 
                            thats right nil,nada sweet fuck all. 

                            The revenue commissioners surely have been told about this scheme and the appropriate Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax should be paid by the purchaser.

Too simplistic??

Bottom line: does anyone for a moment think the increasing number of these looney schemes is going to change the general trend in the morkesh? I sure as hell don’t.

It might temporarily.

It’s just a way of attracting a bunch of “greater fools” and letting builders offload enough stock to get the builders off their backs. The people who buy now will be nodding their heads enthusiastically to McWilliams’ articles in 2010 calling for wholesale mortgage debt cancellation.