Herald Front Page - "Free Car to Beat House Slump"

Just saw this in the shop - a “free” Volvo C30 apparently. Didn’t read the whole article.

This has been around for a while.

Don’t know if it’s the same estate, or whether it worked previously and it’s being tried again.


The two assets can have a depreciation race.

Smart money is on the dwelling, unless the volvo gets crashed.

Wouldn’t it be a bit freaky if all your neighbours had a 08 Volvo, just like you?

No, it’s actually a 3 door hatchback!
Coat on … Gone!

Yeah, I know the idea isn’t new. Front page, bold headline splash “HOUSING SLUMP” might be…

I was sure there was a housing slump, until I saw it on the front page of the Herald. So, now I’m not so sure.


It’s a crap paper, no disagreement there.

Maybe that headline isn’t such a big deal. After all, very few people will see it…

I grab Metro most mornings before I get on the Dart. Not looking for quality news or anything, but it passes the few minutes I’m on the train.

One morning I got through it in about 5 finutes as opposed to the usual 10, and I thought to myself “This wasn’t as good as it usually is”. I looked at the front page and realised it was Herald AM. This was early in my Darting and I didn’t realise there were two free papers.

I’ve since noticed on a few occasions that the Herald AM guy is still there peddling his wares long after Mr Metro has gone home. I usually take one and throw it in the bin just to shorten his day.


Which is safer in a crash? A Volvo or a Paddybotch Semi-D.

What do you mean it depends on the crash. :smiley:

ok ok Ive gone. slam

Has this one been posted before:

Q. What’s the difference between a Volvo and a Dublin Apartment?
A. You can fit a family in a Volvo.


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