Herald: Hobbs sold home in nick of time to pocket big profit


where were you in 2003 when it might have made a difference

piss off eddie

“Amn’t I the clever man!” Clicks heels

price drop thread by mambo here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=23618

Good man Eddie. Could you give Liz O’Kane a bell?

She’s an expert on selling houses, but not her own apparently.

eh, from the same man how promoted brendan investments? hows that going?

its not his money

Thats right he just get a fee for promoting it. Caveat Emptor. :unamused:

In fairness, that was primarily a fund for investment in German property, IIRC.

Busy Spendin’ your Investments, I’d say :stuck_out_tongue:

He has been conspicuous by his absense for the last 12 months but lately I have seen him on a few shows.Is he due to bring out a new book or tv show???

Wow! As far back as 3 years ago? That’s like, a lifetime ago! Hail the Curragh Nostradamus!

Jesus, we hear this crapology a lot nowadays - that predicting the crash in 2006 makes you some kind of seer - that it’s driving me nuts. Many on this site, and many in wider society, knew it was all total bullshit for at least 5 years. Maybe even since 2001. 3 years is kids’ stuff. I see this wilful idiocy as an indication of our continuing national denial. We still can’t admit to ourselves that a blind monkey should have seen it all along. Hence, the gasping 3 years ago! We are such children.

Did Eddie or did he not deny that the property bubble was going to pop and call it a “soft landing” instead followed by a “hard soft landing” ?

very interesting article. Especially as I can assure pinsters that the for sale sign only came off the house for a very very brief time and reappeared soon after. So the house hasnt reappeared on the market after 2 years its been on almost throughout that time. Not great research there.

I have most of my property bee info on a usb but dont know how to transfer it to my new laptop (with vista) and get it to merge with the new data. if I could I would show how long.

Yep that’s how I recall it.

He did indeed coin the “hard soft landing” nonsense. He’s a master of reading the Sunday Times/Business Post and telling all the Sunday World/Independent readers what was in it.


The tech bubble was the same.

Pre-2001 “everyone knew” you could make money on the stock market and “everyone knew” you just had to start a company with the words “web internet” in the business plan to have funds thrown at you. We were in a new paradigm and the future looked rosy.

After the inevitable crash “everyone knew” it had been silly all along and couldn’t go on.

The Irish people are slowly but surely moving along the same trajectory. We’re just getting to the point where people now accept property can go down as well as up. I believe prices of 300k are now registering as “that’s actually quite a bit of money isn’t it?” with the prices above 400k now appearing as ridiculous as they should have all along. When you remind people that apartments going for 250k now were 400k in 2006 they suck a bit of air through their teeth not because it’s such a great bargain but because of the clearly insane sums they sold for before.

Well done to Mr Hobbs for selling at the right time. He didn’t attempt to burst the bubble but he didn’t pump it either as others did. The advice he gives is generally pretty good and it’s frankly something Irish people need to hear.

But he did pimp for Brendan Investments & wax lyrical about how buying in Cape Verde was a great investment.

Those were hardly brilliant pieces of advice for any poor fools who took them ?

He might not be as contemptible as many of those who primed the property bubble, but he did his part.

The way the article reads to me is that Eddie is a wee bit embarrassed to have been caught out doing one thing while saying another. He isn’t trying to set himself up as the great prognosticator. Quite the oppsite. He’s trying to play it down and say “sure it was all there in the papers for them as what wanted to read it”. And that he only did what seemed sensible at the time. Because the alternative is that he did see it coming (which wasn’t rocket science) and sold the house at the peak while simultanously encouraging people to invest in that fund he was pimping and more recently shilling for Northern Cross (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=19885&hilit=consideration+eddie).

And if this became more obvious to the public then it’d tend to tarnish his man-of-the-people image. It’d be hard to reconcile the two. I’m not defending Eddie - I’m just saying you should dislike him for the right reasons is all :slight_smile: