Here Come The Russians - Tell Them I'm Not In!!

The latest news for the hard pressed construction industry is that a large internationally owned (but run under a local name in Ireland) hardware, tool hire and building supplies merchant has contracted the services of a debt recovery agency with burly russian employees making the house calls!
The agency in question are strongly encouraging companies who have fell behind on their credit terms to get their accounts in order and the cheque is in the post lines are cutting no ice and with these guys!! While threats are not being made the mood is very intimidating and suggestions such as selling assests to clear debt are being made.
Time is now not on the side of the bigger construction outfits, for the past 18 months big contractors have been withholding money from smaller subbies and suppliers to improve their own cash position but the big suppliers won’t let this continue and have the resourses to force contractors hands.
The big construction firms are financially stretched to the limit, cash is impossible to find and very little new work is coming in. Contracts that are being won are tendered at such low rates that its nearly impossible to make a profit. To stay in the game they are just trying to turnover money, making a profit is now a bonus. Some of these guys are hanging on by the skin of their teeth right now. I predict that before July next year at least one (more like 2-3) very big construction firm will have folded.

There are plenty of burly irish builders who won’t be intimidated by these guys.
If the cupboard’s bare it’s bare, no ammount of russians burly or otherwise is going to change that.

Many cupboards in Ireland have false behinds. Comes from all the arse spoken (not referring to you j_u!).

We could always ask to see their papers :smiley:

This could get interesting if the Russians were sent in to recover debts in the general Crossmaglen/Hackballscross area…

Hackballscross - jaysus - sounds like a castration/crucifixion torture method.

You better believe it!