Hermes share price - winged sandals not required? … wagen-2-0/

Im not quite clear, is the price going to go up or down? Do Hermes have any property/Irish economy significance?

Erm, you must remember that The Central Bank is a home for many things. Some of them financial market related and just interesting (to a certain weird frame of mind).

The Hermes price has gone up, The Wolf in the Cashmere Coat has bought most of the free float of shares at a substantial discount (so someone is holding a big loss there). The new free float is effectively the same size as the short interest. This is a classic short squeeze situation, as per the Volkswagen/Porsche affair.

Popcorn time, perhaps.

Pardon my amateurishness :blush: Trading stuff seems ambiguous to me sometimes. Though it is interesting.

Oh, I’m only into it for the shits and giggles too!

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