He's back.

Welcome back Canny. Been a long time.

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I see his cousins arrived back last month

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Canny never went away you know. It was merely a temporary cessation of savvyness.

Canny McSavey just ran out of credit for a while.

I look forward to the smart ballsy guys once more being lauded by Brendan O’Connor.

Canny and Savvy are back pegging in 7 figure punts, eh…Cuntocalypse Now or what!?! :nin :nin

This thread is only for the Discerning pinster.

How long wil it be before 100% mortgages are back…

What did the old regulator say, everyone has a constitutional right to make a mistake.

History doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes

And I thought he said it was always a good time to buy.

In most countries it’s usually 25 or so years between the end of one property bubble and the start of the next. Ireland may manage it in a mere 7 :open_mouth:

Canny is back, Savvy is back and Sidewinder shows up. I feel like Rip Van Winkle tonight.

When I saw the thread title I was hoping it was the poster “Twogaffs” telling stories about his mate 4Gaffs and 9Gaffs :smiley:

We’ve discovered time travel! It’s 2006 all over again! :open_mouth:

All we need is Duplex now…

Canny indeed.