hibernian for lay-offs?

A rumour, apparently from within company, says Hibernian are moving a lot of call service activities from Galway to India soon.
But only a rumour - let’s see.

This was mentioned a while back. I think it was something like 250 staff. Aviva, the parent company has already moved thousands of jobs to India.

aviva are apparently looking to cut between 1500 & 2000 staff (depending on which paper you read)

There was a story in one of the papers months ago about moving call center type jobs to India

Seems your source was on the money …

Taken from RTE.ie, 23rd June 2008

Blue Horseshoe

That’s really, really, really shitty news. I know a chap who works for Hibernian doing back office IT work, exactly the kind of work that is being outsourced. He said it was a very handy job, decent pay and perks with a good working enviroment. Must text him to find out if he was one of the unlucky ones who are being let go.

I hope there are guarantees that these jobs will not be filled by child labour!

How soon before everybody else involved in the insurance game starts to do the same thing?

Will Irish consumers see reduced premiums?

Probably not. The Irish market is currently at the bottom of the insurance cycle. Premiums cannot get any cheaper if companies want to meet required capital returns in the near future. This will lower Hibernian’s expenses but rather than making premiums cheaper it might make the rises that are coming less steep

I think the offices at Hatch Street are more involved in the fund and investment side rather than the insurance side.

No they moved to Hatch st to amalgamate all ‘strands’ (for want of a better word) of businesses into one building. The GI business moved from Haddington Road, Life and pensions moved from Dawson Street, Arklife (after it was acquired from AIB) moved from Burlington Road. All now based in Hatch St. I think the motivtion (apart from the directors ego trip) was to have one base and to service one building and not 4 or 5 as was the case before the move

I presume they will change the name from “Hibernian” to “Indian”? All those jokey, rhyming ads with the Cork accents look very ropey now.

God knows, I have no time for Quinn Direct, but at least Sean Quinn gives employment in his local area.

Boycotts will be back on the agenda before long.

They are rebranding to Aviva in the near future as far as I know. one of their big advantages was being seen as the ‘Irish insurer’ (despite having a british parent!). 2 major clangers dropped IMO

Nope. Companies do this to increase their profits, not reduce their prices.

Dey Turk errr jerrrbs


Yep, and they were on Joe Duffy this morning: all saying they’d switch insurance companies.

Oh the irony! I wonder to these people realise that Hibernian outsourced many a job from the US to Ireland?

(I know, I used to work for Hibernian insurance taking credit card payments from Yanks all day during my student days…)

Oh, no doubt it is a crude instrument, more suited to the unsophisticated agrarian era from which it sprang, but it sure as hell packs a self-righteous punch (so it’s no great leap to the Joe Duffy show).

Boycotts can work, though: The Sun played the anti-Scouse card post-Hillsborough and lost a vast readership on Merseyside.

Admittedly, my own steadfastly maintained mini-boycotts of Shell (for maltreatment of the Ogoni) and Argos (for flying in strikebreakers) are having negligible effect, but maybe the time is ripe for a concerted attempt to influence the market.

We cannot really fly the Guaranteed Irish flag any more, seeing as next to nothing is made or grown in Ireland any more, but we can surely see some sense in guaranteeing Irish jobs by supporting those companies that stay?

a lot of people whining on boards about this too.

Funny thing is I wonder how many are using Dell computers to vent their anger?