Hidden (black) economy monitoring group, Ireland

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Code of Practice in determining Employment status → welfare.ie/EN/Publications/D … fpract.pdf

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Can it really be that hard to spot these chancers? You’ve got the employer(s) on the one hand and the self-employee on the other; revenue gets the numbers for both and has records on both. Why isn’t this flagged automatically by their systems?

Revenue seems to operate on a single project or group at any given time. They’ve been successful in this in the past when they’ve gone after schemes, or evasion methods. The problem is that it usually takes a massive inquiry to highlight the abuse before they act.

I think that revenue should introduce a bonus scheme for its employees to encourage them to start going after these kind of scams without having to wait for someone at the top to get a kick up the hole first.

Can we safely presume that all members of the ‘Hidden Economy Monitoring Group’ are doing this duty as a double-job nixer stint!


A shadow economy is a good thing.
The more money the government has the more it wastes.

A thriving shadow economy means that people are spending again.
Money is moving and generating wealth.
Tell them to keep their hands off it.


Theyre not chancers. Individuals should be treated the same as companies for tax purposes. Companies enjoy all the legal rights of an individual but dont have to pay taxes that individuals pay. They only pay tax on profits. Thats unfair.

Either make companies pay PAYE on the value of their sales. Or else only tax individuals on their profits, ie salary minus food, travel mortgage expenses.

As long as companies get favourable tax treatment, there will be an incentive for individuals to structure themselves as companies.

Or perhaps they could tax private use of ministerial cars for benefit in kind?