Hidden costs of selling a house

Hi All,

I’m currently selling my house and have been notified by my solicitor that I need to get a letter from my County Council confirming that the roads and services are in charge of the Local Authority at a cost of €125. This seems rather costly. Has anyone else selling a house had to pay so much for one letter?

This is the standard local authority charge. However, there is sometimes no necessity to get one. For instance if your property is on the N11 Dublin-Wexford road it is patently obvious that it is not a privately managed road. If it is in an estate that was taken in charge by the local authority, then there is probably no easy way around this charge.

You can always have your solicitor place a special condition in the contract that the vendor refuses to provide information on whether the roads and services are in charge but that is probably going to be an issue for a purchaser’s solicitor and may be a greater cost to you if it causes the sale to fall through.

As always, discuss with your solicitor, they have the expertise and details of your property and have no incentive to obtain it just for the file.

Thanks for confirming this is a standard charge. I just thought it was a bit pricey, but then nothing comes cheap in this country! :unamused: